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Shall We Date: Wizardess Heart+ is an otome game (female oriented dating sim) that takes place within the prestigious Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy. As the main character, your goal is to prove yourself as a wizardess in order to be accepted into the academy, while on a 13 day trial period.  As you progress, you begin discover the secrets of the academy along with your Buddy, a randomly assigned partner who is meant to help your magical powers grow. Who will your Buddy be, and what sorts of secrets are they hiding, themselves? 

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Mystery Series - CharactersEdit

Tower of Sorrow Spring of Unicorns
King of Fairies Princess of Crystal
Sol Maiden
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Sigurd Curtis

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Gedonelune Edit

Hinomoto Edit

  • History of Hinomoto
  • Culture and Norms

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~ WARNING ~ This wiki contain major spoilers regarding characters and their routes.
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