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This encyclopedia is about Wizardess Heart+ an otome game (female oriented dating sim) from NTT.Solmare ShallWeDate? brand.


Prove yourself as a wizardess in order to be accepted into the Royal Academy, while on a 13 day trial period. As you progress, you begin to discover the secrets of the academy and what mysteries revolve Gedonelune...

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Borda pequena divisor de linha dot by vexels 2


Klaus Goldenstein

Klaus Jan. 26th

Chara m 44

Vincent March 8th

Elias Goldenstein

Elias March 19th

Chara m 03

Yukiya April 10th

Chara m 55

Cerim June 1st

Chara m 56

June 1st

Chara m 05

Randy June 6th

Chara m 43

Oct. 12th

Luca Orlem

Luca Oct. 15th

This wikia contain major spoilers regarding characters and their routes.

Wizardess Heart+ is available for free on GooglePlay, iTunes and Facebook GameStore.

If you encounter any problems on gameplay or the application itself, please contact Solmare directly at:

or by their Facebook page:

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Shall we date?: Wizardess Heart is Coprighted by (C) 2015 NTT Solmare Corporation. All rights reserved.

Paretal Guideline

On iTunes the game Age Rating was marked as 12+ for the following: "Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity".

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