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In-game summary:

"The Magical Creatures also appears in the stories to make your academy life more exciting. The personal histories of Headmaster Randolph and Processor Schuyler will be revealed one after another!"

"Ever since the first day, I've been hearing an unfamiliar song every night while the other students don’t. Realizing the special hearing ability, it began to attract the person who wants to take advantage of it. I start getting close to the mystery of Tower of Sorrow as well as the untold stories of the boys... Who will you choose to protect, yourself or him?"[1]

In-game footnote:

"Since Luca's Main Story will reveal some major hidden truths, we strongly recommend you to read Elias and/or Yukiya's Main Story first."[1]


Elias' Route

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Liz hears that Professor Merkulova wants to head into the Tower of Sorrow and she tells Elias that she doesn't want to just sit by and do nothing. Once inside the East Forest though, a hellhound attacks Elias and Liz, they do get it to go away. But then another hellhound attacks them (which later you learn is Yukiya.) Liz causes the other hellhound off. Professor Merkulova says he will use a protection spell on them both at this point. Professor Merkulova casts the spell on Elias without any problems. But... with Liz however, Carbuncle comes to her aid and won't allow the professor to cast it. So, they continue on, until they make it to the tower. Once inside, Liz starts to feel tired by the second floor.... Elias urges her to keep going. Liz agrees, since the professor already went to the third floor without them. Once they hear Professor Merkulova yell, they run up the third flight of stairs. They see a chimera on the third flight and also a landing mark, so it's a pretty big room. Liz tries to talk with the chimera, Elias gets worried about her and tells her that it might not be a good idea. But she doesn't listen and moves closer to the chimera, only for it to claw her arm. Liz is losing blood, as Professor Merkulova just laughs and says this was his plot... as he runs up the stairs leaving Liz and Elias to deal with the chimera on their own. Elias gently puts Liz's head off the floor as he starts crying, saying he doesn't want to lose her yet. Liz thinks Elias is hurt, as she cast a healing spell. Just then Carbuncle comes out of nowhere and reflects the spell back at Liz. Which heals her, then the Carbuncle casts a sleep spell on the chimera, causing the beast into a slumber. Liz and Elias climb the rest of the stairs, until they reach a large green door where Professor Merkulova is waiting for them both at. Professor Merkulova demands Liz to sing the song the Carbuncle used to open the door... Elias punched the professor on the nose, as the professsor drops his wand. Elias steps on the wand and gets his magic back. She starts to sing, as many Carbuncles as well join her. The large green door opens, inside of couse is the dragon of time (Hugo) with a red ruby eye in the left socket. But that wasn't the only thing... Luca Orlem claps to them both, congratued them in finding the eye. Luca takes out the eye once the moon becomes blood red. Elias cast a spell at Luca, as he is very serious about battling his rival. Luca asks Liz what she wants to do, go with Luca or have Luca challenge Elias, so Liz tells Luca he could challenge Elias. Elias gets shocked hearing this, but he does accept after awhile. Elias and Luca both were intense battle, but Elias was much stronger then Luca was. Luca drops the red eye, which rolls out the window when Liz tried to grab it off the floor. Liz jumps out the window... Elias puts down his wand and jumps out the window after her, since he is afraid of losing her. The Carbuncles come to both their aid, as they place a magic bubble around them both, but... as soon as they get near the ground they both fall, but laugh afterwards.

Yukiya's Route

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Luca's Route

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