Mystery Series

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Secondary and Incidental characters Edit

  • Alphonse Goldstein
  • Caesar Raphael
  • Lucious
  • Willem V. Rembrandt
  • Strange Taffy


Labyrinth and the cursed prince summary img

"The presence of the Night Class and the underground labyrinth are revealed... With help of other Prefects, you will be searching for the key to solve the mystery."

"One day, Klaus told me that I should take over the Prefect place after he graduate. I’m not sure I am really qualified to become a Prefect... Well! This is a great opportunity and I don’t want to let Klaus down. I’m sure he recommended me for a reason! Well! I should give it a try!"


Note: Hiro's Main Story reveal hidden truths. Is recommend to read Zeus and/or Klaus II's Main Story first.

Liz Hart is on her second year on Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy and as she progress to become the Prefect many mysteries are unfolded such as the Night Class.

This arc or season is the first to make a connection among the three routes with certain events that happen in them. For example: In Zeus' route, the Night Prefect is appointed to be MC's judge for her Prefect Trial and in Klaus II Liz confirms this making it look like everything that happened in Zeus' route -with the great exception of the romance between them- was part of her past school life. Therefore in Klaus, and subsequently in Hiro's route, she's already a Prefect. Or like when at the end of Klaus II route they hear that a teacher is attacked and the culprit had left a message saying that BBW was back. This case is still investigated in Hiro's route.

This is worth mentioning because no other arc had made a connection among the routes except to explain some particular thing like in The King of Fairies arc when they all share that a mysterious student appears out of nowhere and he never says who he is and doesn't linger too much in one place. In the end is revealed that it's Leon and that he's a unicorn which explains why he's so strange. An example of how this arc doesn't have more connections is seen in Joel's route where is revealed that the attraction that MC feels for Joel is because he's her childhood friend. In Vincent's or Leon's route, although Liz feels Joel as a good guy and she blindly trusts him she can't figure out why she has that sensation that she knows him, and Joel never reveals this information to her. If this arc were like The Labyrinth and the Cursed Prince arc, Liz would know that Joel is her childhood friend despite not having romantic feelings for him. Therefore season six brought a new interrelationship among the routes from season 6 and possibly season 7 and onward, which causes that the characters don't have to introduce to her in every route.

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