Mystery Series

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Main CharactersEdit


Labyrinth and the cursed prince summary img

"The presence of the Night Class and the underground labyrinth are revealed... With help of other Prefects, you will be searching for the key to solve the mystery."

"One day, Klaus told me that I should take over the Prefect place after he graduate. I’m not sure I am really qualified to become a Prefect... Well! This is a great opportunity and I don’t want to let Klaus down. I’m sure he recommended me for a reason! Well! I should give it a try!"


Note: Hiro's Main Story reveal hidden truths. Is recommend to read Zeus and/or Klaus II's Main Story first.

Liz Hart is on her second year on Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy and as she progress to become the Prefect many mysteries are unfolded such as the Night Class.

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