Taffy is Randy March familiar and was first introduced in the The Spring of Unicorns Mystery Series.


Taffy is a stuffed animal with its ears neither long nor short, thus its unknown if it’s a bear or a rabbit. It have two black eyes made of glass beads, that shines brightly.[1]


This beary rabbit-like stuffed animal was magically given a life by Randy March.Taffy was given to him by his parents when he was little, and he has made Taffy's birthday the same as his. Its not know what Randy used to give Taffy's life, however it was reveled on Joel route that Taffy may have a soul but it's still inorganic.

Personality Edit

Childish, crybaby, but with a big heart. Taffy would do anything to help his "Master".

Trivia Edit

Gif from event

Ronny, Taffy and its girlfriend

  • In Joel route Randy used a magic in Taffy so that it could sense fairies and it could also be invisible.
  • Despite being an inorganic creature, with cotton in his interior, Taffy tears are made of water droplets.
  • In an event it was implied that Taffy had a "girlfriend". This included limited avatar items with it.


Most Taffy Avatar Items are only available for a limited period in events.


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