Swapped! is a star Collection Event that happened from June 07 to June 26, 2018.

Event Announcement

Swapped - ea

[Shall we date?: Wizardess Heart+ #588] -Event Announcement by Guy, Leslie, Klaus-

Guy “Hey... Have you ever heard about the magical stone that swaps the bodies and character?”

Leslie “No...but that’d be interesting. If my body and yours swap, I wonder how people would react.”

Guy “You know? There was an incident that Klaus and our classmates have their body swapped because of this stone!”

Klaus “...Guy, I recommend you keep your mouth shut...”

Guy “Oops! RUN!”

Leslie “H-Hey! Don’t leave me here!”

Klaus “*Sigh* It’s a shame that you found this out... Honestly... That incident was too embarrassing to even remember...”

Now, start reading to see what this magical stone caused everybody![1]

Event Note

Item hunt144 charg

Elegant Fairy Night Dress SET

  • 7 new spin-off stories were made for this event, one to each character: Elias, Luca, Klaus, Leslie, Zeus, Hiro and Caesar.
  • 22 new avatar items were made for this event.
    • 2 items were exclusive to the event shop: Elegant Fairy Night Dress SET (Bewitched Eyes + Elegant Fairy Night Dress).
  • Fitting Room was available.
  • The following consumable items were available to earn: 7,750 Lune, 2,400 Romance Points, 900 Magic Grade Points, 1 Yukiya’s Favorite Cookie, 3 Luca’s Spicy Macarons, 3 Elias’ Classic Muffins, 8 Story Tickets, 3 Blue Slot Medals, 8 Dressers, 8 Storage Warehouses, 6 Magic Keys, and ¼ Aruenaristy.
  • 2,900 stars were needed to complete the event.


Swapped - stories

In-game event summary:

Ronny "The stone that swaps bodies of those who touched it?! That sounds super hype!" "Let's see who has tried this stone! Come one, it's a preview time!"

Elias "Our minds are actually switched right now!"

Luca "Eek! S-stop it Vincent! You can't!"

Klaus "Hmm, it's hot in this room. Can I take off these clothes?"

Leslie "Just my hand? You could hold more than that, if you'd like."

Zeus "Oh, je t'aime... How I long to exchange passionate kisses with you. Forever, my love."

Hiro "Do you hate Taffy now? If you do, that make Taffy really sad..."

Caesar "Tell us who is more suitable to being your partner, me or Amelia?"

Ronny "That was so cool! Hey! Everybody seems having fun!" "I'll swap my body with my Master! Master! Where are you! Let's try this magic stone!"

Stories summary

This event is about minds swapped. Each of the Event Stories are about certain characters that swap their minds with other characters. These are the summaries of each of the Event Stories.

Caesar/Group: Caesar and Amelia tease Liz (MC) with a magic stone that swap their minds during an exhibition of magic stones and their effects. Each of them declare his/her love to her. However Liz knowing of the power of the stone they used she doesn't play along. But to make it more interesting they exchange their minds again. This time Caesar changes with Joel and Amelia with Guy. But a moment later Professor Schyuler shows up. Thinking that they will get reprimended by him they look apollogetic to him until Professor Schyuler hugs and clings to Liz, who immediately discovers that Leon and Professor Schyuler had their minds swapped as well. However it's strange for all the presents to see Professor Schyuler in an improper behaviour.
Leslie: Liz, Chica and Leslie go to an exhibition of magic stones and Chica sees a stone that makes the person you love to fall in love with you for a little amount of time. However Leslie and Chica crash with the power of the stone that swaps minds and taking the advantage of having a human body Chica goes to see Sigurd. When Leslie (in Chica's body) and Liz find Chica, Sigurd is already under the effects of Chica's magic stone, which makes it look like Leslie and Sigurd are in love with each other.
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