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Steaming Love was a Spin-off event that happened between April 15 to May 2 of 2018.

Event NoteEdit

Bath 1

Wooden Bath Bucket -Ronny- (Room)

  • 6 characters gained a story for this event: Klaus II x Zeus, Hiro x Vincent and Elias x Yukiya.
  • x1 Story Ticket was required per episode.
  • Checkpoint required Magic Keys and exclusive avatar items.
  • 31 avatar items were created for this event: 15 for early bird, 3 for story completing, 12 for checkpoints and 1 to the event shop ("Wooden Bath Bucket -Ronny-").
  • 3 new CGs were made for this event, each CG with 2 close shoots making it a total of 9 CGs.


In-game summary:

"You’re chosen to be a special reporter for the most popular newspaper, Gedonelune Times. Trying to get scoops involving popular student, you decide to follow him!"