Star Night Princess was a spin-off released in January 21, 2016, to celebrate Klaus Goldstein birthday.

Event Announcement

Star night princess event announcement

[Shall we date?: Wizardess Heart+ #156]

-Event Announcement by Klaus-

“Right, it’s my birthday. I did not have any special feelings towards this day till I met you. It is better having you around. What I want for my birthday, you asked? Well, I’ll have you. Give me yourself, your future and everything.”[1]

Shall we date Wizardess Heart 157

[Shall we date?: Wizardess Heart+ #157]

-Event Announcement by Joel and Elias-

Elias “January 26th is my brother’s birthday.”

Joel “Oh.”

Elias “He told me he will take her to the Goldstein family party.”

Joel “...I’m so jealous. I wish I were Klaus.”

Elias “What? Did you say something, Joel?”

Joel “Nothing.”[2]

Event Note

  • 1 spin-off for Klaus was made for this event.
    • Early Bird completion rewarded an After Story, an extra chapter for this spin-off.
  • 1 CG and 1 card and 10 new avatar items were made for this event
  • Checkpoint required 26 Magic Keys at total and 3 avatar items.


In-game summary:

Klaus "Let me offer you the dress and you can wear it to the party."

Liz (MC) "What?! It's Klaus' birthday on this coming weekend?! Surprisingly, I was invited to the Goldstein traditional annual family party on his birthday! The party venue Klaus took me was a gorgeous castle towering on top of the hill and..."

Klaus "I won't be letting you go tonight."


  • Liz image shown in the announcement #156 came from the Spin-off The Magic Competion, from Luca CG.



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