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Unlike Incantation Spells, Spellsinging lyrics do not have a shorter/name version, for such, the spell list bellow will use temporarily a short version of their description.


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Rose Petals

Incantation: "Vere ac libere loquere... si vis amari, ama... audentem forsque venusque iuvat."
Description: Glowing rose petals of diverse colors fall from the sky.
Seen/Mentioned: It was used by Joel in the Love Holiday 2018 event.
Etymology: From Latin, the lyric translation can be: "Truth and liberty speak... if you want to be loved, lov... venture, for Venus('Love') might help." "Audentem forsque venusque iuvat" is a phrase from Ovid and have received diverse translations because of the tricky words "forsque" and "venusque". "Fors" + "que" means "chance" but in a sense of "possibility", while Venus is the Roman goddess whose functions encompassed love etc.[1][2]


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