Sigurd Curtis Walkthrough Gallery

Sigurd Curtis is the second romanceable character from the Sol Maiden's Mystery Series, and is a student at the Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy.

Background Edit

With outstanding magic skills and intelligence, Sigurd is best known as the school prefect Klaus Goldstein's right-hand Man and a relative to all of the Goldstein Brothers. He is a skilful rider of a cloud bird named Smokey- but wouldn't describe his cloud bird as his familiar, but more like a 'partner' to him. Sigurd mentions that he had to change Elias's diapers for one summer.

Plot Edit

In the Event Slot, "Bubbly Candy Randy", Sigurd is currently living in Queensblade working at their laboratory after he had graduated.

Personality Edit

Sigurd is a gentleman and a cheerful person, he enjoys teasing MC and (mostly) Klaus. Once Sigurd tried to tell MC about Klaus's embarrassing secrets but he stopped him before he could finish it. He is also excellence in studies and sports is proverbial in the academy. He lost his mother when he was a child, making him very upset as he cried so much, he really wanted her back. His father re-married, but Sigurd will not accept her as his new mother who showers him with love and kindness, yet she was very dear to him.

Magical Abilities Edit

Major in Taming.

Trivia Edit

  • He is the reason why people started calling Klaus 'The Emperor', and he seems to love the nickname.
  • He is good at dealing with Leslie Roseblade's super talkative familiar - Chica.
  • He is the only student in the academy who can equally discuss matters with Klaus.
  • He is a childhood friend of Klaus and a relative of the Goldstein Brothers.
  • He is the fourth character to conduct a class in the absence of available professors.
  • He uses 'Smokey' as his penpal nickname from his Cloud Bird to exchange letters with Liz, who is unaware of it while she writes a letter to him.
  • His mother was a Goldstein, making him the cousin of Elias, Klaus, and Alfonse.
  • Depending on the scene, Sigurd's eyes will subtly change from the standard yellow, to a more honey tone. The change is based on how open he's being - whether or not he's holding back his true self.