It 0031 shikigami

A Shikigami its a magical tool from Hinomoto made of a paper charm that can turn itself into a clone of the one who kissed it.


A Shikigami is a thin, flimsy white paper charm with details in red and cut out, resembling the shape of a human.


In Klaus' route it was crafted by Randy. Azusa gave one to Liz Hart that used to pretend she was still in her room. In the end Randy figures it out azusa himself was also using one to escape his deeds.

Magic ProprietiesEdit

The Shikigami paper charm can conjure spirits. With a kiss it will turn into a clone of the one who kissed it. After the kiss it inflates larger and larger until it takes the appearance that mimics the user. It can be undone by ripping it apart.