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Serge Durandal
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From the in-game profile
Likes Cute things, sweets, Taffy
Dislikes Any magic that possibly hurts or endangers people
Hobby Studying and experimenting in the fields of magic and wizardry
Skills Competitive speed-eating of sweets
Other information
Gender Male
Nickname(s) Master (By Taffy)
Randy March (Alias)
The Murderer (By Klaus)
Occupation Student
Prefect (later in the game, also in event stories)
Familiar Taffy
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Serge Durandal is a famous wizard that attended Gedonelune Academy before he went missing six years prior to the beginning of the game. He is mentioned to be a talented animal tamer and is the idol of Liz Hart. Later in his route, he serves as prefect alongside Klaus Goldstein, and also becomes Klaus' roommate. During this time he lives under the moniker of "Randy March".

Background Edit

As a child, Serge lived with his grandmother, who owned a magical sweets shop, and she instilled in him early a love of magic. Later, Serge attended Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy as a student, where he became notable for his talents in magic. During his time at the academy, he befriended Randy March and Klaus Goldstein, with the former being his best friend and buddy.

Serge and Randy were very ambitious wizards, and often performed magical experiments together. One of those included finding an easier way to summon powerful magical creatures, such as unicorns. One day, however, the summoning experiment went terribly wrong, as the pair messed up on their summoning circle and accidentally summoned a basilisk, which petrified Randy, turning him to stone, rendering him in a state akin to death.

After the basilisk incident, Serge and Klaus were both devastated by Randy's death, and heavily strained the relationship between the two, in which Klaus started calling Serge "the 'murderer'". Serge also went back to the place where Randy had been petrified and planted carem seeds, as they were Randy's favorite flower.

Serge left the academy shortly after, blaming himself for Randy's accident, and traveled the world in hopes of finding a way to revive Randy, and even took up the name "Randy March" because he did not want to be the "Murderer Serge Durandal" and even went as far to blot his own name from the books at the academy. During his travels, he eventually went to Hinomoto and befriended Azusa Kuze, who would later become a transfer student at Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy and Serge's roommate.

Personality Edit

Serge is very optimistic, childish, carefree, silly, and even described by some as eccentric. He almost always has a smile on his face and is very open about his emotions, even to the point where he asks the MC to be his girlfriend in Azusa's route despite the MC dating Azusa at the time. He has no trouble saying things that would be considered "inappropriate." He is also very trusting of his friends, as he doubted the possibility of Azusa using dark magic when he was accused of such.

Despite his child-like tendencies, he has an immense love for all magic and is a firm believer that there is no right or wrong in magic. He especially extends this belief to the MC in his route, even after the MC had messed up a spell. Serge is also very knowledgeable in magic and loves to experiment with it, often on his familiar, Taffy. Serge is also very knowledgeable about magic in general and magical creatures as well.

Serge also has a more sadistic and manipulative side to him when he is conducting experiments, although he really only shows that side of him to Taffy.

Plot Edit

Randy's Route Edit

Klaus Goldstein's Route Edit

Azusa Kuze's Route Edit

Joel Crawford's Route Edit

Vincent Knight's Route Edit

Leon's Route Edit

Magical Abilities Edit

Serge is a prodigiously talented wizard and is able to cast very advanced spells. He can even make inanimate objects sentient, as he did with his teddy bear from childhood, Taffy. Serge's magic, however, mostly centers around sweets of some sort, from making a giant cookie to stop a cyclone to smashing a piece of candy to break a magical lock on the door of the prefect's office.

Serge's creativity is the centerpiece of his magical talent. He spends a significant amount of time performing experiments, often testing the limits of magic and coming up with new (and sometimes impractical) uses for existing magic. He also develops various magical tools, such as a membrane for underwater breathing and a potion that allows the user to turn invisible.

Since Serge has been mentioned to be a great tamer, it is likely that he can talk to animals like Yukiya and the MC can. This has not been clearly shown in any of the routes he appears in, however, so it is unclear if he has this trait or not. Additionally, it is rumored that Serge can speak to flowers, however this is unconfirmed.

Trivia Edit

  • Serge's birthday is June 6th, making him a Gemini.
  • Serge has a lot of stuffed animals, which he keeps in his dorm.
    • Some of these stuffed animals are enchanted to do certain tasks, such as "Doggy Detective Number One, Beta", who serves as some sort of searching device.
  • According to himself, magical creature ecology is his specialty.
  • Serge has been shown to give his experiments very long and literal names, which MC finds a bit strange. He lacks talent in the naming department.
  • Taffy was given to Serge by his parents when he was little, and he has made Taffy's birthday the same as his.
  • Curiously, during the His Sweet and Spicy Lesson event, you were able to receive an item called "Randy's Basketball" (despite him never showing a like towards the sport nor him actually playing it in game)
    • Instead of basketball in this event, Serge plays ladilz; a sport in which he is shown to be very skilled at, even going so far as to be asked to represent Gedonelune Academy at an unnamed events a few years prior to the time of the event. However, he declines invites to join the academy team because it would mean spending less time with the MC.
  • Serge is the only character shown so far to have his eyebrows be a different color than his hair.
  • He is 23-24 years old.
  • In the Sol Maiden arc, he's portrayed as a fellow classmate to Leslie Roseblade. The position of a Prefect Assistant is given to Sigurd, a new character being added as Klaus's childhood friend and best buddies. On Sigurd's route, Serge is portraited as the MC's role model as an animal tamer and his name is as well known by Sigurd, since he's also an animal tamer and recognizes him as a "taming legend".

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