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Randy March (also: "Serge Durandal") is the second romanceable character from The Spring of Unicorns Mystery Series and a student in Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy.



As a child, Randy lived with his grandmother, who owned a magical sweets shop, and she instilled in him early a love of magic. When still little, his parents gifted him a stuffed animal that he gave life, becoming his familiar Taffy.

Randy attended Gedonelune Academy as a student and became notable for his talents in magic, specially animal taming, being compared by some as the "reincarnation" of Claude Molders.[1] During his time at the academy, Randy befriended Klaus Goldstein, and gained a buddy. Randy and his buddy were very ambitious wizards, and often performed magical experiments together. One of those included finding an easier way to summon powerful magical creatures, such as unicorns. One day, however, a summoning experiment went terribly wrong, as the pair messed up on their summoning circle and accidentally summoned a basilisk, which petrified his buddy, turning him to stone, rendering him in a state akin to death.


Forest with Carem flowers, where his buddy was petrified.

After the basilisk incident, Randy and Klaus were both devastated by their friend's death, and heavily strained the relationship between the two, in which Klaus started calling Randy "the murderer". It was then that Randy took up his buddy name "Randy March" as his alias because he did not want to be the "Murderer Serge Durandal" and even went as far to blot his real name from the books at the academy. All routes uses his moniker of "Randy March". In grief, Randy went back to the place where his buddy had been petrified and planted Carem seeds, as they were his buddy's favorite flower. Randy left the academy shortly after, blaming himself for the basilisk's accident, and disappeared for six years (prior to his main route beginning), traveling the world in hopes of finding a way to revive him.

During his travels, Randy eventually went to Hinomoto and befriended Azusa Kuze. Azusa decided to become a transfer student in Gedonelune, by Randy's advice, and both headed to the academy. Not officially enrolling back, Randy stayed hidden but still in search of a way to revive/cure his buddy state.



Randy and Liz first meeting

In Randy main route, he and Liz Hart first meet stumbling in the academy main hall and became buddies after she found an unknown badge lost in the academy ground. Randy, however, struggled to accept for he had a buddy before. Close to his main route end, Randy reveals his past and his real name,"Serge Durandal", to Liz and asked her to never tell nor call him by his real name, to which she agreed. Liz then realizes that Randy was her idol "Serge Durandal", famous for taming magical creatures. In the end, Randy officially enrolls back at the academy to finally graduate and serves as Prefect alongside Klaus.

In the Sol Maiden arc, Season 5, Randy is portrayed as a classmate to Leslie Roseblade and Randy position of Prefect Assistant is given to Sigurd Curtis.

In Season 6, Randy has already graduated alongside Klaus.


Randy is very optimistic, childish, carefree, silly, and even described by some as eccentric. He almost always has a smile on his face and is very open about his emotions, even to the point where he asks the MC to be his girlfriend in Azusa's route despite the MC dating Azusa at the time. He has no trouble saying things that would be considered "inappropriate." He is also very trusting of his friends, as he doubted the possibility of Azusa using dark magic when he was accused of such.

Despite his child-like tendencies, he has an immense love for all magic and is a firm believer that there is no right or wrong in magic. He especially extends this belief to the MC in his route, even after the MC had messed up a spell. Randy is also very knowledgeable in magic and loves to experiment with it, often on his familiar, Taffy. Randy is also very knowledgeable about magic in general and magical creatures as well.

Randy also has a more sadistic and manipulative side to him when he is conducting experiments, although he really only shows that side of him to Taffy.

Magical Abilities

Taffy close up

Randy's familiar Taffy

Since young age, Randy was notable as a prodigiously talented wizard able to cast very advanced spells. Before leaving Gedonelune, his researches were mostly in animal taming, making him vastly know in this field of magic. According to Randy, himself, magical creature ecology is his specialty, but despite that, from season 2 onward, his magic spells where more centered to food and his experiments to Magical Tools.

Because of his grandmother influence on Magical Cooking, Randy's spells mostly revolve around sweets, generally cookies or candies, and are used in diverse situations such as a giant cookie to stop cyclones, to smaller cases like a piece of candy to break a magical lock. Randy was also seen using spells based in animals, as disclosed in the event The Night Class, yet, the spells were unusual, without any specific name, being literally the spell function (e.g. "Scatter as butterflies!").

With creativity as the centerpiece of his magical talent, Randy spends a significant amount of time performing experiments, often testing the limits of magic and coming up with new (and sometimes impractical) uses for existing magic, developing various magical tools. In his experiments some of Randy's stuffed animals, which he possess a lot and keeps it in his dorm, are transformed, enchanted into magical tools to do certain tasks, being most of them with very long and literal names, such as "Doggy Detective Number One, Beta" and "Sniffy, Sniffy Beta" both used to search subjects. Randy is also capable of give to inanimate objects sentience, as he did with his teddy bear from childhood, Taffy, that became his familiar.

List of Randy's inventions:

  • "Doggy Detective Number One, Beta" - stuffed animal used as searching device.
  • Membrane for underwater breathing.
  • Potion that allows a person to turn invisible.
  • "Sniffy, Sniffy Beta" - stuffed animal dog used to find people.[2]
  • Taffy - stuffed animal that is his familiar
  • Unnamed Storybook (prototype) - a book that can take individuals inside the book world.[3]


  • Randy is approximately 23-24 years old.
  • During the event "His Sweet and Spicy Lesson" Randy plays Ladilz; a sport in which he is shown to be very skilled at, even going so far as to be asked to represent Gedonelune Academy at an unnamed events a few years prior to the time of the event. However, he declines invites to join the academy team because it would mean spending less time with the MC.
  • In Gedonelune Town an old lady reminds Randy of his grandmother that also used to cooks magical candy to him.
  • Is rumored that Randy can speak to flowers and talk to animals however this is unconfirmed.


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