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Randolph is the headmaster and professor at Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy from seasons 1 to 5.

He teaches classes on History of Wizardry, Contracting Magic, Barrier Magic and Magical Creature Ecology/Biology. As one of the Three Mages that protect the Dragon of Time, he is very close friends with Conrad Schuyler.



The role of the three mages has been passed down generation after generation among the great mages in accordance with the First King's orders. Randolph lived his whole life with both a daytime and a nighttime form, while his daytime self is the successor of the second mage that protected the Dragon of Time, his Nighttime self is the successor of the third mage. Thus the mysterious woman who appears in the East Forest being Randolph himself.


In Klaus The Sequel (which was the first sequel to be released) is learned that he was retiring, saying it was time for him to leave the Academy.

In Elias The Sequel, is mentioned by Drago that he was not retiring on his own free will but being sacked. In season 6, which began with the release of Zeus' route, a new headmaster, Willem V. Rembrandt, was already appointed.

Personality Edit

Having a playful side, he is tolerant and considerate towards the students. And he has such a good nature and humble personality that he's seen as a father to most of the students.

It's mentioned in Elias The Sequel that because of his forgiving personality he let one of the students to go evil and because this former student was giving the Ministry so much trouble, they asked Randolph his resignation. However towards the end of this route, Randolph mentions to Liz and Elias that although it's true the Ministry had asked this, he'd made the decision to leave the academy because he didn't want to be abide by it and wanted to go out and see the world.