Many Plants are mentioned inside the Mystery Series. Bellow is a list of all plants mentioned in game.


Image Name Summary
Aruenaristy Related with romantic love, this flower is used as consumable item as well.
Calem small blue flower often found in valleys, growing in vast numbers.
Fairy flower bookmark
Fairy Flower Holds the life of a fairy and its power. It can also grant a wish.
Lemuarbol Also known as a goblin tree, it was noted in Alfonse book.[1]
Morning Dew Weed
Morning Dew Weed an herb extremely effective at lowering fevers.
Red Drunkard Those sensitive to magic feel slightly drunk because of this plant scent. For its magical properties, this red flower can be used as a soft drink.[1]
Shuka a flower with deep, vivid scarlet color.[2]
Snow grass herb. Used for medicinal purpose, it was noted in Alfonse book.[1]
It 0024
Solnox From the outside of Gedonelune Kingdom represents light and darkness, or daytime and nighttime.[3]
Tree of Arcanum The Trees of Arcanum, or Divine Trees, had been in Gedonelune lands even before the first king arrived. Its woods are used as material to create wands, magical tools and notes. The spirits dwell within the papers made from Arcanum, and they can be infused with magic to attain the ability to speak. However, the number of trees are descending every year, that is the reason the academy raises the trees in the greenhouse.[3]
Unnamed Carnivorous White Flower This little white flower has a sweet scent to drawn in its prey, then, its vines with sharp thorns pickle its target to poison paralyzing it. The poison isn't that strong but it can swell if not removed fast. This magical flower is rare, scarce and valuable, only blooming once a year.[4]
Volans-grass Grows all over the place in the northern lands of Gedonelune. It soars into the air and flies around when its flower blossoms. Can be used for floating magic dishes.
Yukihana a seasonal flower from Hinomoto, with heart shaped, faintly pink, petals. Yukihana grows on threes and only bloom once a year, staying in bloom for a week.[2]
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  • In Klaus' main route Day 6, he drinks Assam tea, thus meaning that Camellia sinensis trees could exist in the Wizardess Heart world.
  • Mel, Joel and Alfonse share similar hobby of collecting plants.[5][6]
  • Its mentioned in many stories that there is an encyclopedia in Gedonelune about plants and flowers.[4]


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