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Introduction Edit

NTT Solmare Corporation founded the famous dating simulation game brand “Shall we date?” gathering support from customers and fans from all over the world.

Established in April 1st, 2002 they deliver digital contents including e-books and games to multiple devices. The Company is located on: Sumitomo Building No. 2, 4-7-28 Kitahama Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0041, Japan, and its President is: Akira Tomana.

Purpose Edit

In the ever-expanding global market of mobile and applications games, NTT Solmare philosophies are to take advantage of changes as an opportunity with creativity and improvement, having in their principle the customers as their ultimate judge, NTT Solmare strives to provide the most valuable product from individual customer’s stand point, and their mission is to contribute to the enrichment of society, offering new kinds of surprises, and plenty of excitement with products that can evoke feelings of love, bravery and friendship.

Distribution Edit

With the release of their extensive lineup of the dating simulation game “Shall we date?”, NTT Solmare were able to deliver their romance simulating games to customers all over the world.

"Shall We Date?" Series Edit

Shall We Date series logo
Being launched in 2011 for the overseas market the "Shall We Date?" series broke 3 million downloads worldwide in 2013 and now in 2016 they have more than 31 games, with paid and free versions, being able to play in many devices, such as: IOS, Android and inclusive in desktop versions through Facebook games app.

"Shall We Date?" Games: Edit

You can find all their games in iTunes, GooglePlay and few in Facebook app stores.

Exclusively Free versions Edit

  • Destiny Ninja
  • Ninja Assassin+
  • The Niflheim+
Exclusively Free and available in Facebook app store: Edit
  • Wizardess Heart+
  • Blood In Roses+
  • Destiny Ninja 2+
  • Love Tangle+
  • Oz+
  • Ninja Shadow+
  • Guard Me, Sherlock+
  • Lost Alice+

Available in both Paid and Free Versions Edit

  • My Sweet Prince/My Sweet Prince+
  • Ninja Love/Ninja Love+
  • Magic Sword/Magic Sword+
  • Mononoke Kiss/Mononoke Kiss+
  • Angel Or Devil/Angel Or Devil+
  • My Fairy Tales/My Fairy Tales+
  • Lost Island/Lost Island+
  • Castle Break/Castle Break+
  • Scarlet Fate/Scarlet Fate+

Exclusively Paid Versions Edit

  • Can't Say No
  • Hero in Love
  • Never Look Back
  • Guilty Alice
  • Demons' Bond
  • Seasons of Love
  • War of Prayers
  • Arabian Dreams
  • Pirates
  • Eternal Vows
  • Princess Arthur
  • Teen Samurai

Contacts Edit

NTT Solmare corporate site: Edit

"Shall We Date?": Edit

For technical support please contact: Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Some "Shall We Date?" games have changed their CG artists many times.
  • All "Shall We Date?" free games have a plus (+) signal after the name except for Destiny Ninja.
  • In all Paid versions the Prologue is for Free.
  • The Facebook game app versions started with Wizardess Heart+

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