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Wizardess Heart + story is divided in "Mystery Series", also called Seasons.

Every season contains 3 routes with 14 chapters each and centers around one specific character that will help the heroine through the game. The routes themselves are not stand-alone, but tied up to one another. So far there are six complete Seasons/Mystery Series.


Prologue image

The prologue is the first thing shown right at the beginning of the game and can be read again clicking through "memories", "group" then "main story".


"The heroine of the game, a fledgling wizardess, was living as a veterinarian at a small village of the Kingdom of Gedonelune, using her inborn magic ability. One day, she receives a letter from Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy, the most prestigious magic academy of the land. To officially enroll to the academy, she prepares herself to pass the trial with the assistance of her Buddy, the partner of the academy sharing the same fate."[1]

Seasons/Mystery Series

After finishing the prologue the player is able to choose any Mystery Serie route.


Seasons / Mystery Series Routes
1 The Tower of Sorrow Elias Goldstein, Luca Orlem and Yukiya Reizen
2 The Spring of Unicorns Klaus I, Randy March and Azusa Kuze
3 The King of Fairies Joel Crawford, Vincent Knight and Leon
4 The Princess of Crystal Cerim Leiado, Guy Brighton and Glenn Qing.
5 The Sol Maiden's Leslie Roseblade, Sigurd Curtis and Mel Glover
6 The Labyrinth and the Cursed Prince Zeus Brundle, Klaus II and Hiro Tachibana
7 The Beginning of the End Alfonse Goldstein, Caesar Raphael and Lucious Dueller

Known Mysteries

Not every mystery is part of every story line, though they might still be hinted at. Some of the mysteries are:

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  • Dark magic occurrence
  • Disappearance of Serge Durandal
  • Disappearance of Magical Items
  • Gedonelune academy's female ghost.[2]
  • Mysterious woman
  • Pigeons Death


Sequels promo image

Promo image with possible new sequels (shadows from left to right:Vincent, Elias, Randy and Joel)

Sequels can only be chosen after reading the character main story. By debut order, the following characters gained a sequel:

More sequels are planed to come.


Love meter - route endings

Love Meter

Each route have 3 endings: Unhappy, Normal and Happy ending. Depending on your answers trough the game the player will gain intimacy points that will fill the Love Meter. After reaching the marked points you will be able to chose what ending you prefer and gain its respective reward.

To help this process, the game contains a raising gauge item that can be bought or gained through gameplay.


The game also contain Spin-offs and events with exclusive extra stories revolving the romanceable characters and Gedonelune Academy. Most extra stories do not reveal major spoiler regarding the main routes and can be read without affecting your progress.


  • So far only Klaus Goldstein have 2 main routes, each bringing a different story. His Sequel is only related to his main route 1.


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