Mission Complete was a Star Collection Event that happened from April 30 to May 19, 2018.

Event Announcement

Mission complete - collection event

[Shall we date?: Wizardess Heart+ #572]

-Event Announcement by Vincent, Glenn, Elias, Luca-

Vincent “Hey, Glenn! Do you wanna go out for a drink or two?”

Glenn “Good timing. I’ve just got done with my work.”

Luca “Hey, Elias, did you see that? Having a drink after work must be super cool!”

Elias “You’re just only seeing a good part of it. But don’t forget they are responsible of important missions and working under tough condition every day!” Luca “There he goes... A Rock-headed Prince...”[1]

Event Note

Item hunt137 charg

Event Shop exclusive av items - "Police Uniform SET"

  • 3000 points were needed to gain all collection rewards.
  • 7 new stories were made for this event, one to each character: Luca, Hiro, Leslie, Vincent, Glenn, Zeus and Yukiya.
  • 22 new avatar items were made for this event, being: 4 to early bird, 6 to higher ranking, 8 to star collection reward and 4 exclusive to the event shop.
  • The consumable items rewards included at total: 10,250 Lune, 8 dressers, 8 warehouses, 1 Yukiya’s Favorite Cookie, 3 Luca’s Spicy Macarons, 4 Elias’ Classic Muffins, 3 Gedonelune Medals, 10 Story tickets, 6 Magic Keys, 1 ¼ Aruenaristy, 900 Magic Grade points, and 3,400 Romance Points.


Mission complete - reward stories

Event in-game summary:

Chica "Aww... Hard working men are super handsome, aren't they?! Especially, when they're in uniforms...! Now, ladies! This time, you'll be working on the mission with your man! Get ready!"
Luca "Now that that's finished, it's time for us all to team up and get this fire put out!"
Yukiya "How about a Cinderella? It's fruity, and something I think a lady like you might enjoy."
Vincent "This is the land of make-belive. Reality's ugliness should remain outside the park."
Glenn "The one that reminds you of your mortality, huh? It's not a bad experience."
Leslie "Zett! You are under arrest for the illegal possession and trade of controlled magical items!"
Zeus "Listen, this whole idea of Klaus chasing me around gives me a bad vibe!"
Hiro "Please, miss, try a cup for yourself. I don't make tea for just anyone."
Chica "Aww! It seems so exciting!" "My dearest Prince Sigurd... Your cute assistant is on her way to assist you!!"

Story Summaries:



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