As seen in Magical Theory, Magical Tools are items infused with magic from a wizard. Generally given only one task, the power of the tool can never exceed the power of the wizard that created it. They do not necessarily require an incantation, but may need a compensation (e.g. hair or voice) in order to be safe to use the tools.


Name Summary
Acceptance Letter Guide to new students.
Magic Note Used to send messages.
Persona Mirror Reveals true feelings. Invented by Walter Goldstein.
Scale of Judgement Judges students trial.
Shikigami From hinomoto, its a paper charm that can turn into a clone of the one who kissed it.
Silver/RedGem Talisman A necklace, lucky charm, with some of Klaus magic into it to reflect dark magic. Its not capable of protecting from a strong curse spell.[1]
Speculum Bracelet Invented by Walter Goldstein about ten years in game timeline. Speculum means mirror, the bracelet acts as a mirror when worn so that it can reflect any magic spell that are casted to the user.[2]
Water Jug A flying water jug.
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