On Gedonelune and others places the most common ways to cast a spell are with: a Wand, Hand signs, Singing, Will power, and others taught in the Magical Theory. Generally the spells are classified in many ways, the most important being by: elements like water, air, fire and earth (+ light and dark) or it can also be separated by their functions like offensive or healing magic.

The same spells can be used with various ways of saying the incantations, for example, more advanced wizards would not need to say, "O great wind, become a blade! 'Acies Ventos'!" instead, they can use the shortened form: "Acies Ventos".

The following list was classified from A to Z and contains the spells that are used or referred to in the game.

Spells Edit

Name/Shorter Version Incantation Definition
Acies Ventos "O great wind, become a blade! 'Acies Ventos'!"
Aperio Portal "Door before me, I command thee to open! 'Aperio Portal'!"
Apareo Speculum "???" Summons a large mirror.
_____ Clesko "O ____, I command you to grow! '____ Clesko'!" Causes an item to grow in size. In order for the spell to be used correctly, you must use the name of the object then add 'Clesko'.
Flama Flamio "???" Can light candles, and is a type of fire spell that doesn't burn.
Funus Captis "???" Creates chains of light.
Globus Flau "O flames, invoke an inferno and engulf my enemies! Globus Flau!" Throws fire balls.
Globus Lumen "???" Creates rays of light, which can form whips and attack.
Levis Pullma "O power that resides within, lift that ____ and bring it to me! 'Levis Pullma'!"
Magia Flau "O great power, dwell within mine hand and form a shield! 'Magia Flau'!"
Merum Terra "O earth, rumble in fury! 'Merum Terra'!"
Sagitta Lumen "O sacred light, become a piercing arrow! 'Sagitta Lumen'!"

Offensive magic that projects an arrow in the direction it's casted.

Sanatio Aqua "O sacred water, mend this wound with thy cleansing power. 'Sanatio Aqua'!" Uses the element of water to heal wounds.
Sanatio Aura "O sacred wind, grant us a breeze and mend this wound! 'Sanatio Aura'!"
Scuntum Ventos "???" This spell creates a wind barrier that acts as a shield.
Supesman Mundi "I command thee to return to thine true form! 'Supesman Mundi'!"
Transeo Hora "Grant this water the power to advance time! 'Transeo Hora'!"
Wideo Procle "I command thee, reveal lands far away! 'Wideo Procle'!"

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