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Luca Orlem is one of the romanceable characters in Wizardess Heart+, infamous throughout Gedonelune Academy for his bad behavior and dislike of authority.

Although he plays a somewhat heroic role in his route, Luca turns out to be somewhat antagonistic in the other routes for the Tower of Sorrow Mystery Series. He is also very nosy in several other routes, particularly the routes of Vincent and Leon, questioning them and trying to put them on the spot.

Background Edit

At the end of Luca's route, in Day 11-3, you learn that he is the illegitimate son of Princess Aulelia, of the Gedonelune royal family. She died either childbirth or soon after, and Luca was left in the guardianship of Royal Advisor Conrad Schuyler, who later is a professor at the academy. He was unaware of all of this until Day 11-3.

Personality Edit

Luca is regarded as a troublemaker and prankster by his classmates and teachers. He rarely attends classes, especially those he considers boring. He is carefree and flamboyant, and these traits put him in frequent conflict with Elias, who harbors a bitter dislike for him coupled with a fascination and envy for Luca's natural magic ability.

Despite his truancy and cavalier attitude towards his studies, Luca is highly skilled with magic. In addition to great magical power, his approach to magic is also innovative and creative, and he is sometimes compared to famous and powerful wizards like Claude Molders and Serge Durandal. However, his spellcasting is arbitary and seems to be self-taught, considering he skips most of his classes.

Luca frequently skips class and can be found usually napping in the Archives, near the lake, or in other quiet areas. He also has a penchant for slipping off the school grounds and visiting town. Luca enjoys drawing, and is known to be a bit of a clothes horse.

But it is learned in His Sweet 'n Spicy Special Lesson event that he hates sharing pieces of himself with people he doesn't trust, and that he has a hard time trusting people.

Magical Abilities Edit

Luca is considered a magical prodigy, but he often uses his skills for pranks. He states repeatedly through his own route and spinoffs that he isn't concerned with developing his skills - partly out of cockiness, but also out of disinterest in competition and grades.

He seems to have a penchant for potions, as many of his spinoffs feature him developing potions of some sort. The Magic Competition spinoff implies that he spends a lot of his free time mixing concoctions, sneaking into classrooms after-hours to do so.

He is a direct descendant of Claude Moulders and the First King of Gedonelune, both highly renowned wizards, and presumably this is where his extremely high affinity for magic comes from. The MC states that his magic has a "fairy tale" feel to it. In Sigurd's route, when the students with the highest magical affinity come forward to aid in the battle against darkness, Luca is among those who come forward, along with Randy, Klaus, Joel, Sigurd, and the MC.

His magic isn't as strong or developed as Professor Schuyler's, likely due to the fact that he doesn't apply himself in training.

Trivia Edit

  • His age is 19-22
  • According to Professor Schuyler, Luca has been held back 4 times, suspended 3 times, put in the detention chamber 7 times, and given a stern warning 138 times.
  • Luca uses his left hand to cast his spells.