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Loran Merkulova is a professor at Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy, and is known for being kind, thoughtful and greatly respected by the students. He teaches classes on Astronomy, History of Wizardry, Reading and Magic Potion Pharmaceuticals.

Background Edit

He was learning in Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy in his young age he always failed miserably like MC but he never give up until not long after he become a teacher in Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy.

Personality Edit

As kind and caring as Merkulova seems, inside he is corrupted with the need for more power. In Elias's and Luca's route he agrees to help Luca retrieve a special stone from the Tower of Sorrow, thinking it would give him ultimate power. In the end, he is stopped and captured by Professor Schuyler and Headmaster Randolph and kicked out of the academy.


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