Daily login bonus

Each day that you log into Wizardess Heart+, you will be awarded a "Daily Login Bonus". The present will vary every time, from Lune to Consumable Items. There is a pattern to what gift you will receive on which day, so long as you log in every day consistently. Once you complete 30 days of logins in a row, you will start back over at Day 1 and the process will repeat itself. If you miss a day, you will start back over to Day 1 regardless what day you were currently on.

When completing a certain amount of consecutively login, players will be rewarded with Login Badges and exclusive avatar items. You can check your login status via homepage in-game.

Daily Login Bonuses Edit

  • 100 Lune
  • 200 Lune
  • 300 Lune
  • +200 Magic Grade
  • +200 Romance Points
  • 1/4 Story Ticket
  • 1 Story Ticket
  • Yukiya's Favorite Cookie
  • Luca's Spicy Macaroon
  • Elias's Classic Muffin

Special Login Bonuses Edit

Occasionally "Special Login Bonuses" become available.