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From the in-game profile
Likes Rich nature: Forest, Spring
Dislikes None
Hobby None
Skills Light magic
Other information
Gender Male
Occupation Student
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Leon is a romanceable character in Wizardess Heart+ and is last installment of the "King of Faries" mystery series, serving as the conclusion to the story.

Background Edit

A unicorn who finds interest in humans and their interactions with each other. He steals the flower from the fairies garden, seeing as it is known to be able to grant a wish. He uses it to ‘turn human’ expecting the flower to grant him the ability to feel as humans do, however, the flower only grants him a human form. He tosses the flower away after it did not grant his wish to the extent he wanted it too, leaving it on the ground for the MC to find in the mystery series.

Plot Edit

Leon suddenly appears in the school grounds with no memory of who he is or why he is there. He is brought back to the academy,  where he is  allowed to stay at the school by orders of the headmaster. In his own route, Liz Hart is the one who finds him in the forest, bringing him back as he is confused and she seems to be worried for him and his safety.

His route mainly revolves around finding the thief of the flower-as left open by the other two routes in his mystery series (Joel & Vincent's) and the mystery around who ‘Leon’ used to be before losing his memories.


Starts out emotionless and uncaring as he lacks the ability to express normal human emotions, however as the story goes on we learn a little bit more about him.

He's calm and quiet generally, assuming he is still learning the world around him and social interactions. He’s blunt at times and clearly clueless when it comes to social interaction, but it is shown that he can be quite a caring individual with his interactions with Liz.

Magical Abilities Edit

  • Strong light magic
  • Strengthened magical ability in general
  • Ability to produce and cast spells without incantations or spoken spells.

Trivia Edit

  • When Leon gains/learns a new emotion in his route, a different coloured ball of light would appear-different colours for each emotion he gained.
  • His uniform is said to be one of the school's older designs.


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