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Leon is a romanceable character in Wizardess Heart+ and is last installment of The King of Fairies mystery series, serving as the conclusion to the story.

Background Edit

A unicorn who finds interest in humans and their interactions with each other. He steals the flower from the fairies garden, seeing as it is known to be able to grant a wish. He uses it to ‘turn human’ expecting the flower to grant him the ability to feel as humans do, however, the flower only grants him a human form. He tosses the flower away after it did not grant his wish to the extent he wanted it too, leaving it on the ground for the MC to find in the mystery series.

Plot Edit

Leon suddenly appears in the school grounds with no memory of who he is or why he is there. He is brought back to the academy,  where he is  allowed to stay at the school by orders of the headmaster. In his own route, Liz Hart is the one who finds him in the forest, bringing him back as he is confused and she seems to be worried for him and his safety. His route mainly revolves around finding the thief of the flower-as left open by the other two routes in his mystery series (Joel & Vincent's) and the mystery around who ‘Leon’ used to be before losing his memories.


Starts out emotionless and uncaring as he lacks the ability to express normal human emotions, however as the story goes on we learn a little bit more about him.

He's calm and quiet generally, assuming he is still learning the world around him and social interactions. He’s blunt at times and clearly clueless when it comes to social interaction, but it is shown that he can be quite a caring individual with his interactions with Liz.


Happy Ending- The MC meets Leon outside the girl's dorm and walk to the auditorium together. They walk in silence, the MC feeling sad that this may be their last time doing this together. Leon finally speaks up, asking how MC is feeling. He also mentions that human feeling are complicated, but he understands them now.

Leon makes to wait outside, but Randolph and Schuyler stop him, telling him to stay. The scale of judgement determines that MC is suitable for the academy. The other three in the room congratulate her, and MC decides to hug Leon, getting interrupted by Schuyler. Soon afterwards, it is announced that Leon would also be judged then to determine his suitablility for Geondolune. He accepts the offer, and also passes the trial. Schuyler asks the headmaster if he has lost his mind, to which Randolph laughs, saying that it all worked out in the end. Leon is also told to try and control his power during his stay at the academy. MC is asked again, what magic means to her. Whatever she chooses doesn't matter at this point. 

Leon decides to go speak to the King of Fairies about his final decision, and MC follows him. Leon decides that his final decision is to stay a unicorn, in order to remember MC and the emotions that she taught him. The King asks him if his memories are more important to him than his dream, to which he says yes, because he loves MC. Hearing this, the King gives Leon a third option: to be a half-unicorn, human by day, unicorn by night. This would enable him to keep his memories up until now, however, he would never become a full-fledged human. MC asks if he is really okay with that, to which he says what he wants more than anything is to be with her. Telling the King his decision, the agreement is completed, and Leon becomes a half-unicorn. 

Outside, Eress apologizes for the magic cast on Leon. She explains that her father's magic is not able to turn one human without taking something in return. MC askes again if he is really okay with this choice, and he tells her that he had no regrets. Eress stops the two, saying that she could add something with her own magic. Turns out the magic would keep Leon human during the night for a few more hours if he recieved  a kiss from a loved one. MC realizes the implication that Eress makes, and groans. Eress leaves, and the remaning two are alone in the garden. Leon admits to MC that his feeling for her have grown even stronger, that he followed the path that would lead him to his love. 

Leon also wonders how long he will live now, as unicorns usually live for centuries. He's afraid of what will happen if he ends up living much longer than MC, that his world would be filled with emptiness and fright. But MC tells him that they're together for the moment, and that makes her happy. She tells him to live in the moment, and that she will stay with him as long as she lives. Leon tells her that his heart is his greatest treasure, and the memories he makes will build upon it, even if they are painful ones. MC is the light of his life, and he will never lose that light. The couple share a kiss. They look forward to their happily-ever-after ending.

The final episode takes place many years later. A boy and a girl are reading the unicorn picture book by the northern forest lake. The boh asks the girl where she got the picture book from, and she says that it belonged to her great-great-great grandmother. The book is special to her mother. The girl asks if he wants to read the book again, and the boy says sure. However, before they can do so, a stranger asks to join them. The girl asks who he is, mentioning his silver hair. The stranger is revealed to be Leon, alone once again. He tells the two his story of finding his love, once upon a time. He is saddened that she is gone, but the love that they shared together during those years overflows his heart. His memories of her are eternally in his heart. He talks of himself as 'the unicorn', and that he was not alone once he found love. 

Magical AbilitiesEdit

  • Strong light magic
  • Strengthened magical ability in general
  • Ability to produce and cast spells without incantations or spoken spells.

Trivia Edit

  • When Leon gains/learns a new emotion in his route, a different coloured ball of light would appear-different colours for each emotion he gained.
  • His uniform is said to be one of the school's older designs.
  • It is implied that the little girl in the final episode of the happy ending is in fact Leon and MC's descendant. Although the girl has no idea that Leon is her ancestor.