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Klaus Goldstein is the first romanceable character from The Spring of Unicorns and second to The Labyrinth and the Cursed Prince Mystery Series, respectively: Main Route I, its Sequel and Main Route II.

Both main routes are not related and can be read separately.



Klaus is the second son of Walter Goldstein, a famous wizard known for his Magical Tools creations. Klaus is a certified Elite Magic Knight and has researched dark magic in the past to assist with its eradication.

Six years prior to the start of the game, as a student at Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy, Klaus befriended a classmate named Randy, and also came into frequent contact with Randy's Buddy, Serge Durandal. Eventually, he came to view Serge as a rival. Klaus was later devastated when an experiment gone awry causing Randy to be petrified. Klaus blamed Serge for the incident and called him a murderer. Serge later disappeared to try to find a cure for Randy.

Due to his harsh personality, his status, and his family, some of the academy students referred to him as "the Emperor" a nickname given to him by Sigurd, his childhood friend and distant relative.[1]


At his Main Route I, Klaus served as the Prefect of the student body, a position given only to the top two students at the school. As Prefect, Klaus acted as the student representative to the faculty, shouldering various administrative and teaching responsibilities. In return he also holds a number of privileges, is exempt from curfews, and wears a special uniform. As Klaus had not recognized any other student being worthy of the position, he was the only Prefect in this route.

At his Main route II, Klaus had already graduated from Gedonelune and was working for the Ministry of Magic. Klaus received orders to help solving the mystery of missing items in the academy. He suggested and helped Liz Hart (MC) to become a prefect, however, now with Caesar and Alfonse return, and the night class, there was no longer only one prefect. Klaus disliked his older brother Alfonse greatly due to an unexplained incident. Getting into a large argument, Klaus refused to disclose the details of the incident to Liz supposedly out of respect to Alfonse.

Personality Edit


Klaus, Elias and Rudolph their dog

Klaus is characterized by single-minded intensity, as well as a harsh, unforgiving, and frequently caustic demeanor. Beneath his exterior harshness, however, he is well-meaning and kindhearted. While he is a member of the Goldstein family, and very much both a magical and intellectual prodigy, Klaus is also extremely hardworking and very focused.

In his Main Route I after Liz is accepted in the Academy, they make a pact that they can't tell anyone that they're dating, stricting themselves to show a relationship of prefect and student or even buddies. However in some Spin-offs or Events, Klaus might spill the beans out of jealousy since Liz is also a popular girl despite her incompetence. In his sequel, although they are an official couple to the rest of the Academy, when Klaus is asked to return as a provisional professor they have to keep their distance again because of their roles as teacher and student in Liz's case.

While Klaus has a position at the Ministry of Magic secured after graduation, his passion lies in teaching. His inspiration to become a professor at the academy was caused by Elias making a comment about how Klaus was a good teacher, a fact Elias doesn't know. He also enjoys tea greatly, to the point where he doesn't trust others to make it for him, and is shown later to have a rather extreme sweet tooth, putting seven spoonfuls of sugar in his tea.

Magical Abilities Edit

Klaus familiar

Klaus Familiar

Klaus is an extraordinarily talented wizard, showing both sheer power and fluid creativity in his use of magic. His speciality is in Spacial Magic, which employs diagrams to structure and organize magical flow, frequently applied in barriers. He also displays a general talent for Combat Magic, including a water spell that looks like it's been dispelled, but later returns to capture the target.

Like Elias, Klaus has a talent for creating magical tools, but his tools tend to be for practicality. Several of Klaus' magical tools appear in the game, including a magical pendant which is spelled to protect the wearer from minor dark magic, and a pair of earrings that allow the wearer to communicate with him.

Trivia Edit

  • Klaus is approximately 25 years old.
  • He could be ambidextrous for he is seen using both hands in CGs and Sprites.
  • He's the only character that has more outfits than any of the other characters.
  • The creators of the game once launched a contest among three of the most popular games: Wizardess Heart, Blood in Roses and Destiny Ninja 2. The players had to vote for their favorite romanceable character. As a prize they created an event story featuring the three winning characters. The results were:
    • Wizardess Heart: Klaus Goldstein.
    • Blood in Roses: Spade.
    • Destiny Ninja 2: Ayu Hattori.
  • Despite Elias, Luca and Yukiya showing in all the seasons, they don't have a major role in other routes. But in Klaus he appears at least once, and in some routes he's an important secondary character.
  • As shown in events:
    • Klaus has won the Magic Competition as a student three years in row.[2]
    • He knows horse ridding, frequently doing so on his parents land, and plays violin, however he does not enjoy music for he is not able to excel it.[3]
    • He is an excellent chess player.
    • When he was Elias and Liz's age his class was in charge of the performance play of Gedonelune Kingdom Foundation Day Anniversary and he got to be the director of the play. He mentioned that at first he got casted as the First King, but he used a trick to be recasted as the director. Liz realizes Klaus must have been very popular among the girls since he was casted at first as the main role.
    • In the present day when Liz is casted as the princess of the play her class was helding he jinxes his brother into a deep sleep and using their similate features he impersonates Elias and plays the role of the First King in order to no let his little brother to kiss his girlfriend. Nobody except Liz (and probably Luca) knew about this.
  • In other routes, the relationship he has with MC is more like teacher and student and they get along very well. Although one of his hobbies is teasing and mocking Liz, he appreciates her so much, he recommends her to be a prefect or allows her to handle difficult or dangerous situations trusting she can come out safely. In Alfonse's route they have such a friendly trust in each other that he asks her to pretend to be his girlfriend knowing that Liz wouldn't go for anything more and she would be only helping to get rid of unnecesary flirting by girls who want him because of his name, position or looks, which displeases him.


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