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Joel Crawford is a romanceable love interest in Wizardess Heart+. He is the first character released in the King of Fairies' Mystery Arc.

Background Edit

Joel was born to a family of spellsingers, wizards that manipulate magic through song rather than wands. Originally from the Ilgatto region of Gedonelune, Joel was born with heterochromia, resulting in one amber-colored and one turquoise-colored eye. This is a common feature of people from Ilgatto due to the magical flows in the land there.

As a child with the spellsinger gift, Joel was disguised and raised as a girl named June for the first eight years of his life, to protect him from being targeted by Leanan-Sidhe, an evil fairy that tempted wizards to trade their magic for artistic ability. As a result of being disguised such, Joel escaped the fairy's notice.

Joel's spellsinger father worked to subdue dangerous magical beasts in various regions of Gedonelune, and they eventually moved to Reitz, MC's home village. While disguised as June, Joel met, befriended, and fell in love with MC. The two became inseparable friends, promising to one day attend Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy together. When MC's parents were lost to the epidemic, Joel made her a promise that he would never leave her.

Sadly, when Joel's father's work in Reitz was completed, they were torn apart. The day before he left, a distraught Joel removed MC's memories of June out of love, to spare her the emotional suffering of his abandoning her. Nine years later, he enrolled in Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy, and become known as a prodigy spellsinger. There, he waited for MC, hoping that one day she, too, would arrive and that they would be reunited. One year after he enrolls, she finally appears.

Personality Edit

Joel's defining characteristic is his brutal honesty - often to the point of harshness. His inability to tell white lies puts him at odds with Eress, although by the end of the route they get along. Otherwise, he is fairly calm and confident but aloof, and not particularly sociable. Amelia describes him as giving off a "perfectionist vibe" and seeming "hard to approach".

As an adult, he remains deeply devoted to MC's well-being and safety, to the point of often making decisions that remove her ability to contribute to a task for fear of putting her in danger. He is incredibly protective of her, and takes the responsibility of her protection very seriously. While he does tease her for her somewhat mediocre magical abilities, he is also quick to give her credit for her good work.

Magical Abilities Edit

Joel's primary abilities come from his gift as a spellsinger. He is able to command and manipulate magic through song.

It is unclear what language he sings in, however he has been shown to perform the following spells:

  • Summoning rain
  • Memory modification
  • Preservation of a fairy flower, and then the dispel of the same spell

Trivia Edit

  • Joel is around the same age as Liz Hart, putting him at 18 years old.
  • Joel's birthday is in October. The exact day is unknown, but it can be assumed to be around, if not on, October 12th since NTT Solmare released his birthday event on that day.
  • Joel is a member of class Vir Ingeniosus, a class reserved for gifted wizards with rare abilities.
  • Joel and MC are confirmed to be exactly the same age. As male spellsinger children are typically raised as girls up through age eight, Joel and MC are at most eight years old when MC's parents die, and at most 18 when MC enrolls at the Academy.
    • Oddly, the prologue contradicts this, as the prologue says that MC's parents died three years prior to the beginning of the game. This contradiction may be an oversight of the writers.
  • Joel does not have a roommate at the Academy. But later in Leon's route it is made so that Leon becomes his roommate.
  • In Day 12 of his route, Joel admits to being afraid of heights, which is why he does not enjoy climbing trees.
  • Excluding event stories, Joel is the first character to have a garden item necessary to pass a Magic Challenge.