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Hugo Peers is the first romanceable character from Season 8. In-game, Hugo first appeared in Alfonse main route in Season 7.

In Lucious' and Hugo's route, Liz mentions that he has beautiful golden eyes. He has silver hair and white skin and, apparently he has a scar on his left cheek.


Season 7


Hugo with his mask on

In Alfonse route, Hugo presented himself as "The Guardian of Time and The Gatherer of Love." He also tells the MC that "Hugo" isn't his real name, he just goes by it. He gives the MC a map of the Goldstein Lab. Hugo gives you riddles to solve.

In Caesar's route, Hugo shows up as well to give the MC a lapis lazuli coin that apparently will lead them to the Star Sapphire.

In Lucious' route, chapter one, Hugo's seen attacking the headmaster and injured him badly. When Headmaster Rembrandt defended himself, he cast a spell that bounced on his face and his mask is blasted off. His face is finally revealed. Liz is astonished to see how beautiful his face was, revealing he had golden eyes.

Hugo keeps his enigmatic behavior, he also seems to be a little more direct towards his purpose. This is shown when at one of the Altars hidden in the labyrinth's castle, Hugo tells Liz (MC) and Lucious that he's working on a plan to free the labyrinth's prince. He also shows up to Liz only on several occasions addressing to her as the Goddess of Time. It's still unclear to her if he's on their side or not, because he attacked the headmaster but he also seems to want to help Lucious.

He appears to have an agenda to save Gedonelune and the world, stopping its destruction. Though with specific details it was unclear if he was a friend or an enemy. Sometimes he seems to want to help and others it looks like he's ruthless when he wants to achieve his goal. It's also unclear if he wants to protect or not the Goddess of Time (a.k.a. Liz).

Towards the end of Lucious' route, he shows up one last time and when Liz demanded to know if he was from the future, he said he was. He then made Caesar, Lucious and Liz to watch the future he came from and they were dumbfounded to find out that Gedonelune had been destroyed by the Dragonkins led by Felix. Hugo then said that because Liz had meddled so much with time the only way to stop that future was to sacrifice her, the Goddess of Time. He pushed Liz into the Altar of Time. Lucious and Caesar fight him even harder but with no avail. It's not until Liz shouts to Hugo that she thinks he's pathetic that Hugo gets distracted and Lucious and Caesar save Liz. Hugo still thinks they're making a mistake, but Liz states and believes the future can be changed for better.

Season 8

In his route, Hugo presents himself before Liz when she's preparing everything for the event that celebrates the friendship between Gedonelune and Queensblade. Since the Queensblade's queen was coming to this event, Liz was quite under pressure to have everything run smoothly. Hugo calls her the Goddess of Time (a title he used in Lucious' route, which was the route that was released before his) and comments that it was his mission to protect her and, therefore, he had to stay by her side. Annoyed by his lack of willingness to share more information, Liz only asks him to stay away of her own duties.

Following his mission he crashes in the party and tries to go unnoticed by wearing other clothes than his usual "uniform". Liz sees him and tries to give him no importance as long as he doesn't cause a scene or has another agenda. Meanwhile, she meets General Smith, the captain of the Imperial Knight, an elite group of soldiers from Queensblade. She also notices that in the party was Viggo and a group of girls surrounded him, which makes Liz realize that despite his attitude, he was quite popular. Liz then notices that Hugo had arised his arm towards Viggo and an amount of magic was being conjured around his arm. Believing that he was going to attack Viggo, she ran to him and stopped whatever he was doing. Because Hugo denied to offer an explanation, Liz gets upset and only calms herself when Hugo makes her notice that she was a scene, drawing attention to them, which she had mentioned that she didnt' want that.

As for his personality goes, he's very secretive and shares little information on his plans, which is why Liz and the other have trouble to find out if he's a friend or foe. This is seen in Alfonse's route when he helps Liz a lot and later betraying her. In season 7 and at the beggining of his route (season 8), he seemed to have no regards towards people's feelings, which distresses Liz. He even sometimes denies to be Liz's friend stating that he only protects her because it's his mission, also making it clear that there's nothing more important to him than his mission. Later, in his route he opens up a little by spending more time with Liz and the other prefects.

His magical ability during season 7 is to teleport. In his route, he mentions that his magic is unique because he "feeds" from love. When he seems any kind of love, such as fan adoration (like the girls surronding Viggo) or a firendship (like the one with Amelia, Augustus and Scarlett), he takes the opprtunity to recharge his magic. Liz asks him if he couldn't gather his own love and transform it into magic, but he answered he couldn't do that because he had no idea how to love.
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