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Guy Brighton is a romanceable love interest in Wizardess Heart+. He is the second character released in The Princess of Crystal Mystery Series.

Background Edit

Guy came to the academy to learn light magic in hopes of taking down his father, who turned towards hatred due to lust of power from dark magic.

After coming to the academy, he learns quite a bit and becomes a very talented light magic wizard.

Guy reveals to have been holding back with magic to Liz Hart (MC), because he fears he will end up like his father if he was put with too much power.

Plot Edit

Guy's routeEdit

Liz first meets Guy when she arrives at the academy, looking for the dorms. He and Randy were playing Ladilz with water, and she ended up getting soaked. He gives her his cloak to dry off with, and as she walks away, the emblems on the uniforms shine, indicating a buddy contract. Obvlivious to what it was, MC takes the cloak and returns it later on. Guy appears easygoing to the buddy situation and often supports and pairs up with MC during classes. Due to them both failing in quite a bit of magic assignments (Guy notably on purpose), they end up in supplementary class together quite a bit.

They both dream of the songtress, and eventually go to the forest in her dreams to find her trapped in a crystal, guarded by Cerim, who angrily makes them leave.

Afterwards, Guy asks MC to break off the buddy contract, telling her about his father soon after.

MC, understanding of why Guy was trying to push her away, then finds Cerim and the two travel back to the songtress, only to find her crystal heavily damaged by a powerful spell.

Dark Magic, created by Guy's father Aster, took over but Guy and MC stopped it. As Aster tried to attack MC, Guy shot a light arrow through his magic and through his body. In the end, Guy is able to defeat his father by purifying his magic.

Personality Edit

Most of the time, Guy appears cheerful and carefree, often laughing off mistakes and faking his magic in fear of getting better, but as the route progresses, he is shown to be more serious when it comes to keeping people safe.He is quite easy-going and protective of the people he cares about.

Magical Abilities Edit

Guy is talented in light magic.

Trivia Edit

  • Guy loves ladilz, and often plays with Randy and a team in his free time.
  • He wants to avoid becoming like his Father, who was a Dark Magic mage.
    • He seeks to become stronger than his father and stop him.
  • He is known to be quite popular.
  • He used to dislike professor Schuyler stating once that "A dream with him appearing soon turns into a nightmare."