Glenn Qing Gallery Walkthrough

Glenn Qing is one of the romanceable characters in Wizardess Heart+, and the last character in the Princess of Crystal mystery series. He is an elite Guardian Mage sent from the Ministry to investigate, and protect students from, the magical creatures in the grounds of Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy.

Background Edit

Glenn was born outside of Gedonelune, along with his younger sister, Byakuran. Their parents died when Glenn was still very young, leaving the two very poor, and Glenn had to raise his sister by himself. In order to do so, Glenn studied magic intensely, and eventually wound up working for the Ministry of Magical Justice.

There were also many wing rabbits where Glenn lived, which he and his sister often played with.

Plot Edit

Guy's Route Edit

On Guy's route, Glenn teaches supplementary classes.

Glenn's Route Edit

Personality Edit

Glenn is a very level-headed and calm individual, to the point where he is almost expressionless. However, he will occasionally show a more playful and caring side to those he trusts. At the same time, he is fairly sentimental and loves his family deeply.

He is very dedicated to his work, and has been shown to be very knowledgeable.

Magical Abilities Edit

Glenn is very talented in several areas of magic, but most notably in offensive and defensive magic.

Since Glenn's wand is very large, he keeps it in his ring and can take it out/put it back in almost an instant. He can also perform multiple spells sequentially at a very fast pace with ease.

Trivia Edit

  • Glenn is the only romanceable character to not have a "3/4 wand sprite".
    • Normally, the romanceable characters have two types of sprites for facing the player; one type being specifically reserved for when a character brings out their wand, and the other being reserved for simply talking. These wand sprites typically have the characters in 3/4th view, or extend beyond the typical 3/4ths realm. Glenn lacks this second view.