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"An academic institution established by the Three Mages, who were ordered by the First King to train new wizards. The academy is said to be the most competitive to get enrolled. The headmaster is Randolph, the great wizard. Students, who have potentials to be wizards, are selected from applicants and receive 'provisional' Acceptance Letters to the academy. Within 13 days of trial period, the Scale of Judgement determines if each student is eligible to attend the academy. About 1,000 students in their teens to 20's are attending at this boarding academy."

[Sourced from the Wizardess Heart game glossary.]

On the Academy Magical System you will learn things such as: Gedonelune Magical Theory, Magic Spells Compendium, Magical Creatures, Plants, Tools, etc. and about others countries and cities like Hinomoto, Reitz and Ilgatto.

The AcademyEdit

The Academy have three main buildings: the school, and two dormitories, with a Garden and others places for the Students to share and to test their knowledge. The students must obey some rules on the Academy like curfew, and cannot go to forbidden places as well as to Gedonelune Town on lesson days and when there is a calamity, unless stated so.

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