Wizardess Heart+ gameplay focus in the Mystery Series, however, many mini games and sections can be found inside it.


New Message/Announcement

Now and then new content is added in the game, be it for promotional period or fixed like new Mystery Series. Every new content is informed in the "New Message/Annoucement" box, there is also alerted when there is a new journal, gained prizes etc.


The game also contain a list in the Main Page that state all contents regarding: Ongoing Events, Spin-offs, New Characters, Mystery Series etc.

All new content is also informed in NTT.Solmare Facebook page.


Avatar System

The game contain an Avatar System divided in Room and Garden with 2 avatars: Girl and a Boy (depending on the chosen route). There players can dress their avatars to personal taste or to pass Checkpoints. The avatar image is used 2 others systems: Extra Curriculum and Social.

Extra Curriculum

In the Extra Curriculum players avatar compete against each other using "charm level" points to define the winner. Wining, players gain Magic Grade (used in checkpoints only), Lune, and romance points (see Extra Curriculum main page for details).

Make a Date

The Make a Date is a reward system used to get avatar or Cosumable Items. The first option is available for free once a day.


The Social system is were players' friends are recorded. The system have a limit of 50 friends per account and is mostly used to gain Lunes by sending greetings and short messages that can be automatic text of compliments, best wishes or salute. At total, the Social page can give 1500 Lunes per day.

Mystery Series

Read Story, Memories, Journal, Characters List


Present Box, Mission List, Login Bonus Status, Ask Friends


How to Play, Help


Currency Shop, Item Shop, Avatar Shop