For You I Will - top head 01
For You I Will was a Spin-off event that happened between march 19 to 29, of 2018.


"The day before Elias' Birthday, he fails casting link spell, which is to work as a team and increase each other’s magical power. He decides to do some special training to get his link magic work! See what happens on his birthday!"[1]

Event Note

  • This Spin-off story was not saved in the Memories Menu.
  • It required x1 Story Ticket per episode and had 3 chapters.
  • Two exclusive items were available in the item shop through coins: "Elias' Birthday Cake 2018" (avatar item for Garden) and "Thank You Card from Elias".
  • For this story it was rewarded 1 CG and 7 new avatar items: 5 for Early Bird and 2 for Story Completion.
  • This event did not include a Fitting Room.


For You I Will - Avatar Checkpoint

avatar - checkpoints

Magic keys and avatar items were required to pass Checkpoints. The following avatars were required:

  • Simple Blue Long Boots (Room) 250 Coins or 5000 Lune
  • Treat for You (Room) 500 Coins or 10000 Lune
  • Macaron-themed Mini Dress (Room) 750 Coins or 15000 Lune



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