Fairy silhouette

A Fairy silhouette

Fairies make up an essential part in Gedonelune's land watching over all elements. Generally mischievous and curious creatures, they live, quite literally, everywhere within all beings who draw breath in Gedonelune. There are many types of fairies, being found of humans or not.

In the Fairy Garden, every flower holds in it the life of a fairy, thus, if one flower it's plucked and dies its fairy will die along, but when a fairy dies of losing all its power it's transformed into a seed and it can be reborn if the seed it's planted in the fairy garden.

Some fairies names are mentioned in the game:

Fairies types
Name Details
Spirits Manage, watch and rule over elements.

Are said to have pointed, bluish-white ears and red eyes. Found of humans, they work for the poor and punish the lazy.


  • On Magical Beast Ecology page 21 is show an image of the Fairy Queen.
  • Some fairies may have a reduced form like Eress.


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