Events are special promotional periods when Wizardess Heart makes available either limited stories or Avatar items for players to earn or purchase. There are several different mechanisms for events.

Spin-offs Edit

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Collection Events Edit

During collection events, players collect a new currency, "stars" (sometimes called flowers, or bon-bons), through regular actions that take in the game. By accumulating enough stars in a given time period, players can unlock lune, consumables, special Avatar items, CGs, and event stories.

During an event, there are certain days where the number of stars gained through activities is "boosted", allowing the player to gain double or triple the amount of stars usually earned.

List of Collection Events Edit

Ticket-Free Events Edit

Ticket-free events allow players to progress through a lengthy side story without consuming story tickets. Instead, players must meet occasional Avatar or "Sweet Point" checkpoints in order to progress.

During the event, the game opens up a special alternative to Extra Curricular called "Event Curricular", which functions the same way as Extra Curricular, but awards Sweet Points instead of Magic Grade. By accumulating a certain number of Sweet Points, the player can unlock further progress in the story.

Players are encouraged to make "Event Friends" for the duration of these events. For each Event Friend that a player makes, the player receives 20% of the friend's total added to their own Sweet Point total. However, usually, the game requires a certain amount of the player's Own Sweet Points in order to unlock endings (and consequently, rewards).

During these events, Sweet Perfume becomes available for sale in the store. Sweet Perfume raises the Player's Own Sweet Point.

After a ticket-free event ends, event stories are no longer available to be read.

List of Ticket-Free Events Edit

  • Battle Mode in Love Sandwich - awarded limited edition avatar items and 3 limited edition group CGs for Elias + Klaus, Luca + Yukiya, Randy + Azusa
  • Gedoneferia - awarded limited edition avatar items and 3 limited edition group CGs for Randy + Azusa, Elias + Luca + Yukiya, Klaus + Joel
  • Get Physical - Gedonelune Sport Festival - awarded limited edition avatar items but no CGs; Klaus, Joel, Vincent, Elias + Azusa, Luca + Yukiya, Randy + Leon
  • Honey Trap - Klaus + Randy, Joel + Guy, Elias + Luca
  • Love scramble - Overnight Field Trip - awarded limited edition avatar items, 4 limited edition group CGs for Elias + Joel, Yukiya + Azusa, Klaus + Vincent, Randy + Luca, limited CGs for all
  • Shall we Dance? Gedonelune Homecoming - Klaus, Luca + Azusa, Yukiya, Randy + Cerim, Joel
  • Sweet n' Delightful Date - awarded limited edition avatar items and 5 limited edition CGs for Elias, Luca, Yukiya, Klaus, Randy

Slot Events Edit

  • Gedonelune medal
  • G. gold medal

Slot events allow players to exchange a special currency, called Gedonelune Medals, or Romance Points for the chance to win either consumables, special Avatar items, or limited edition event stories.

List of Slot Events Edit

  • Case: Acorn M.I.A (Limited stories for Joel, Luca, Yukiya, Leon, Cerim and Randy)
  • A Fun Bunch
  • Amelia the Roomie (1 Gedonelune Medal per play)
  • Autumn Spiced Honey Slot
  • Fluterred By Fruity Sweetness
  • Lights Down (Limited stories for Klaus, Joel, Randy, Leon, Guy, Glenn and Leslie)
  • Lively Little Friends
  • Love Holiday 2016 and 2017
  • Mr Gedonelune Contest
  • Mr. Gedonelunes'Slot (Gold Gedonelune Medals only, awarded with limited edition stories for Klaus, Yukiya and Joel.)
  • My Sleeping Beauty
  • My Sweet Personal Tutor Slot
  • Shine, Girls 2017 and 2018
  • Strange Taffy & the Bewitched Sword
  • Summer Vacation Slot
  • Sweet Night Slot (him and her)
  • The Seasonal Slot Blue Ocean (Romance Points only)
  • The Seasonal Slot Cherry Blossoms (Romance Points only)
  • The Seasonal Slot Snow Flakes (Romance Points only)
  • We Rock! 2017 and 2018

Other Events Edit

Solmare will occasionally release an event story that is directly purchasable with only coins. They have not done this, however, since Klaus' Love Holiday story.

  • The Love Holiday - Klaus