Events are special promotional periods when Wizardess Heart makes available either limited stories or Avatar items for players to earn or purchase. There are several different types of events.

All event stories can be read without affecting your progress of the Mystery Series, some, however, after the event ends, no longer become available to read. The following Consumable Items become available only during events: stars, bonbons, flowers and sweet perfume.

Events TypesEdit

Receive score1


  • Collection: focus in collecting "stars" (sometimes called flowers, or bonbons), through regular actions that the player will take in the game. By accumulating enough stars in the given time period, rewards will be unlocked such as: Lune, Consumable Items, special avatar items, CGs, and event side stories. Sometimes the amount of "stars" collectible can be raised in "boosting" periods, allowing the player to gain double or triple of it.
Item keypoint

Magic Key

  • Spin-off: focus in the side stories and requires x1 Story Ticket per episode. For checkpoints it demand Magic Keys and/or specific Avatar items to progress.
Sweet perfume

Sweet Perfume

  • Ticket-Free: are similar to "Spin-off" events but without consuming Story Tickets. For checkpoints it demand the above mentions plus "Sweet Point" to progress. To raise the player's own Sweet Points the following mechanisms become available: "Event Curricular" (alternative to the Extra Curriculum) and the consumable item "Sweet Perfume". Players can also make "Event Friends" that only last till the event expiring date. For each Event Friend that a player makes, the player receives 20% of the friend's total added to their own Sweet Point total, however, the game requires a certain amount of the player's own Sweet Points in order to unlock endings (and consequently, rewards).
Item goldgacha

G. gold medal

  • Slot: allow players to exchange Gedonelune Medals or Romance Points for a chance to win either Consumable Items, special avatar items, or event side stories.
  • Story Slot: similar to "Slot" events, they allow players to change medals for "items", however, only Gold Medals are required for this event and the rewards are solely side stories.
  • Special/Others: those are different events, released by Solmare, that do not follow any of the above types. Most of them being "coin" only events.

Events full listEdit

This list does not include the following "events": Facebook Campaigns, Routes' Release and Special Login Bonus.

The "dates" listed here follow the event's announcement date in NTT Solmare's facebook, desktop version.

Date (Year/Month/Day) Name Type Note
2018/09/02 Fangtastic Seduction Slot (Gedonelune Medal)
2018/08/30 Ghoul's Night Out Collection (Star)
2018/08/23, 2017/06/12 Our Little Secret Story Slot (Gold Medal)
2018/08/13, 2018/06/03, 2018/03/01, 2017/11/17, 2017/05/24
We Rock! Slot (Romance points x1000)
2018/08/07 Ocean Battle Collection (Star)
2018/08/05 Bubbly Candy Randy Story Slot (Gold Medal)
2018/07/29 Beach Romance Spin-off
2018/07/17 Interesting Discovery Collection (Star)
2018/07/16 Light up the Sky Spin-off
2018/07/13, 2018/05/01, 2018/01/05, 2017/10/17, 2017/04/16
Shine Girls Slot (Romance points x500)
2018/06/28 Caesar the Piggy Collection (Star)
2018/06/25 New Friends of Amelia Spin-off
2018/06/21 The Vow Slot (Gedonelune Medal)
2018/06/15, 2017/08/01 Luca & Azusa Special Thanks! Special
2018/06/15, 2016/07/19 Get Physical Spin-off, Ticket Free
2018/06/07 Swapped! Collection (Star)
2018/05/30 A Day in the Night Class Spin-off
2018/05/21 Sweeter than Chocolate! Spin-off Birthday (Yukiya)
2018/05/20 The Seven Wonders Collection (Star)
2018/04/30 Mission Complete Collection (Star)
2018/04/23 Strange Taffy & the Bewitched Sword Story Slot (Gold Medal)
2018/04/15 Steaming Love Spin-off
2018/04/08 Fascinating Discovery Collection (Star)
2018/04/02 Lively Little Friends Slot (Gedonelune Medal)
2018/03/18 For You I Will Spin-off Birthday (Elias)
2018/03/16 Mr Gedonelune Contest Slot (Gedonelune Medal)
2018/03/15 Sweet Medicine Collection (Star)
2018/02/25, 2017/04/02 Oh! My Hero! Spin-off
2018/02/20, 2017/02/06, 2016/03/16, 2015/04/27, 2015/02/25, 2015/02/16
Love Holiday Collection, Slot, Special (Bonbon), (Gedonelune Medal), (Coins)
2018/01/31 Apple of My Eye Collection (Bonbon)
2018/01/26 Love Sparkle in Skies Spin-off Birthday (Klaus)
2018/01/22, 2016/12/19 My Sleeping Beauty Slot (Gedonelune Medal)
2018/01/19, 2016/02/25 Magic of Love Collection (Flower)
2018/01/04 Holiday Sale Special (Coins)
2017/12/28 The Night Class Collection (Star)
2017/12/18 Holly Jolly Taffy Story Slot (Gold Medal)
2017/12/08, 2016/10/24 Shall we Dance? Gedonelune Homecoming Ticket Free
2017/12/04, 2016/12/08, 2015/12/12
Wizardess Heart Anniversary Collection (Bonbon), Birthday (The game debut)
2017/11/27 Cyber Monday Sale Special (Coin)
2017/11/20 Decision Making Spin-off
2017/11/17, 2016/07/27 Magical Love Ride Collection (Flower)
2017/11/01 Girls Talk Slot (Gedonelune Medal)
2017/10/27 My Girl Collection (Star)
2017/10/27 My Brother my Enemy Spin-off
2017/10/05, 2015/06/29 Sweet'n Delightful Date Spin-off, Ticket Free
2017/10/01 Treat or Treat? Collection (Bonbon)
2017/09/27 Amelia the Roomie Slot (Gedonelune Medal)
2017/09/15, 2016/10/02 Fluttered by Fruity Sweetness Slot (Gedonelune Medal)
2017/09/08 Deep as the Ocean Collection (Star)
2017/08/24, 2016/08/08 Thrilling Date Collection (Flower)
2017/08/21 Gedonelune Music Festival Spin-off
2017/08/13, 2016/05/25 Seductive Portion & Melting Kiss Collection (Flower)
2017/08/06, 2016/04/21 Love Scramble - Overnight Field Trip Spin-off, Ticket Free
2017/07/21 Splashed! Collection (Star)
2017/07/09 Melody of Love Spin-off Birthday (Klaus)
2017/07/04 Summer Sale 2017 Special (Coins)
2017/07/02 Lights Down Story Slot (Gold Medal)
2017/06/22 Gedonelune Fashion Show (Gothic & Sporty), (Steampunk & Modern) Collection, Spin-off (Star), (Gedonelune Medal)
2017/06/04, 2015/05/25 Heart-Pounding Moment in Bed Collection (Star)
2017/06/01 Travel into the Storybook Spin-off Birthday (Cerim and Guy)
2017/05/12 My Kitty Cat Collection (Bonbon)
2017/05/01 Case: Acorn M.I.A Slot (Gedonelune Medal)
2017/04/20, 2016/04/07 My Prince's Birthday - Moonlight Prince/Sunshine Prince Spin-off Birthday (Elias and Yukiya)
2017/04/03 ♡ Love in the Air ♡ Collection (Star)
2017/03/21, 2016/11/02 The Seasonal Slot (Cherry Blossoms, Snow Flakes, Blue Ocean) Slot (Romance points)
2017/03/08 My Knight in Shining Armor Spin-off Birthday (Vincent)
2017/02/20 A Fun Bunch Story Slot (Gold Medal)
2017/02/16 I Found You ♡ Collection (Star)
2017/01/27 Honey Trap Ticket Free
2017/01/19 Be my Personal Assistant Spin-off Birthday (Klaus)
2017/01/06 Cuddle Me Collection (Star)
2016/12/19 Mr Shall We Date Special (Vote Ticket)
2016/11/15 Enchanted in Dream Collection (Star)
2016/10/12 Love Note on My Lips Spin-off Birthday (Joel)
2016/09/19 Gedonelune Costume Party Collection
2016/09/12, 2015/08/12 The Performing Festival Spin-off
2016/09/04 Mr Gedonelunes' Slot Story Slot (Gold Medal)
2016/07/27 Who's the Mr Gedonelune?! Special (Coins)
2016/07/05 Happy Birthdays!! Spin-off
2016/05/31, 2015/07/30 Summer Vacation Slot (Gedonelune Medal)
2016/05/12 My Sweet Personal Tutor Slot (Gedonelune Medal)
2016/03/29 Sweet Tornado Collection (Star)
2016/02/15, 2015/04/20 Sweets Slot (Gedonelune Medal)
2017/09/14, 2016/02/04 Gedoneferia Spin-off, Ticket Free
2016/01/21 Star Night Princess Spin-off Birthday (Klaus)
2016/01/08, 2015/01/19 New Year Slot
2015/12/24 Sweet Night Slot (Gedonelune Medal)
2015/12/14 Happy Winter Holidays Collection (Bonbon)
2015/11/19 Steal A Kiss Collection (Star)
2015/11/09 Autumn Spiced Honey Slot (Gedonelune Medal)
2015/10/26 Battle Mode in Love Sandwich Ticket Free
2015/10/10 Happy Birthday, Luca! Spin-off Birthday (Luca)
2015/09/29 Magic Trick or Treat! Collection (Bonbon)
2015/07/21 His Devilishly Sugary Kiss Collection (Flower)
2015/06/11 His Sweet n' Spicy Special Lesson Collection (Flower)
2015/06/03 Happy Birthday, Randy! Spin-off Birthday (Randy)
2015/04/08 Happy Birthday, Yukiya! Spin-off Birthday (Yukiya)
2015/03/30 Flirting Time with Him (and after) Collection (Star)
2015/03/19 Happy Birthday, Elias! Spin-off Birthday (Elias)
2015/02/05 The Magic Competition Spin-off
2015/01/27 An Invitation to the Magic Competition Collection (Star)
2014/12/22 Carbuncle Bungle Spin-off
9 days from when first playing Gedonelune Packages Special (Coins) (Beginners only)
? Our Hands Stuck! Collection


  • So far only Guy and Cerim share their birthday on the same day, June 1st.
  • From the 19 romanceable characters, 10 do not have their birthday date released yet: Alfonse, Azusa, Caesar, Glenn, Hiro, Leon, Leslie, Mel, Sigurd and Zeus.
  • Elias, Yukiya, Klaus, Randy, Vincent, Cerim, Zeus, Hiro and Alfonse are the only romanceable characters that are shown shirtless, wearing a towel or swimsuit in their Sprite or CG:
    • Sequels: Vincent, Elias, and Yukiya
    • "Swapped" in Luca's Event Story: Elias, Yukiya, Vincent
    • "Sweet Medicine" in Cerim's Event Story
    • "The Seven Wonders" in Zeus' Event Story
    • Spin-off: "Steaming Love": Zeus and Klaus, Hiro and Vincent, Elias and Yukiya
    • Spin-off: "Beach Romance": Elias and Yukiya(Alfonse), Klaus and Vincent, Zeus and Hiro
    • "Bubbly Candy Randy" in Yukiya's Event Slot: Randy