Eress 3
General Information
Species Fairy
Gender Female
Natural Habitat Fairy World
Magical Abilities Light Magic


Eress is a fairy that is introduced in Joel's route when both him and MC save her from frogs.

Due to the temporary decrease of her magical power, she lost her memory and can only maintain her reduced form, causing her to be mistaken for a bug at first sight. 

Background Edit

Personality Edit

With short temper and easily offended especially when being called a bug. Eress dreams about true love and keeps her promises to the very end.

Magical Abilities Edit

Light Magic.

Appearance Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Eress is the daughter of the King of the Faries and her true name is Brunhild.
  • She has a crush on professor Schuyler.
  • At the end of Joel's route, it is found out that Eress is actually dating Salamander.