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Elias Goldstein is the first romanceable character from The Tower of Sorrow Mystery Series and a student at Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy.


Elias is referred in-game to have golden hair color and amethyst eye, being often mistaken for his older brother Klaus.



Elias is the youngest member of an esteemed magical family known as the Goldsteins. He has two older brothers, Klaus Goldstein (older by five years) and Alfonse Goldstein, the eldest of the brothers.

Elias favored playing violin, but he also learned piano, flute and has had vocal, dancing, fencing, and horseback riding lessons.[1]


Piglet Elias

Elias was considered the top of the Fortitudo class, but soon when becoming buddy to Liz Hart (MC) he feared of falling in grade because of the buddy system.

Elias ended up helping Liz after class, but unfortunately one of Liz's spells went haphazard transforming him into a Pig. Later, the spell was undone with a kiss.

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Other Routes == In Season 7 he and Yukiya Reizen become the MC's deputy prefects. In Alfonse's route, Elias contracts a special strand of the Black Robe Plague in which he is still able to retain parts of his personality. He attempts to attack the prefects with powerful spells, but is ultimately stopped when Alfonse heals him with Mikhail cells



Elias, Klaus and Rudolph their dog (CG from Klaus route 1)

Elias initially comes off as uptight and unfriendly. A stickler for the rules, and a lover of book learning, he frequently clashes with the irreverent, carefree Luca. As an honor student, the MC's frequent failures in class frustrate Elias to no end, particularly in his route when their academic marks are shared by virtue of being Buddies.

Over time, Elias' deeply caring and sensitive personality is revealed, although he continues to hide his insecurities under a layer of prickliness. Elias is also easily embarrassed, blushing bright red at any hint of impropriety.

Elias is revealed to have quite a sweet tooth, carrying chocolate around with him at all times. He also has a complicated relationship with his brother Klaus, who first taught him magic and continues to help him.

He is described as being "smart but a little uptight" by his roommate Yukiya Reizen.

Magical Abilities

Elias exhibits strong magical abilities, able to cast precise, efficient spells using their abbreviated form. However, Elias' magic is often characterized as "by the book" and uncreative by teachers and his brother Klaus. Later on in Elias' route, it is revealed that Elias' magical abilities are weaker than that of Luca, as well as that of his elder brothers. Elias is aware of this, and consequently has made up for his natural magical deficiency through hard work and study.

While Elias has exhibited no unusual magical abilities, he does enjoy creating Magical Tools, and spends a lot of his free time doing so.


  • He is approximately 19 years old.
  • His first name is a variant of the Hebrew name Elijah, meaning "Yahweh is my god". His family name "Goldstein" consists of the word "gold" and the German word "Stein", which means stone.
  • He has his very own fan club within the academy. The leaders of that are the "Three Sisters" from the Mason family, Rose, Violet and Lily. This is what confirms Klaus that his little brother might be more popular than him.
  • In Sprites and CGs, Elias uses his right hand to cast spells.
  • He is one of the few characters who at least makes one appearance in every arc or season.
  • In The Performing Festival Event Elias is chosen to play the First King, which is the play's main role. At first he didn't know the deep complicated situation he had gotten into (not by choice), believing that the worst thing about it would be to give up his afternoons to study as many grimoires as possible. Later he is in distress when he finds out he has to kiss his brother's girlfriend towards the end of the play which would doom him, implying Klaus might be the bad jealous type.
  • According to Solmare Facebook page, Elias and Yukiya kept a kitten named "Snow" in their room.[2]
  • He has a sweet tooth and loves to carry chocolate around with him.
  • According to Solmore Facebook page Elias joins the academy at thirteen years old. However, his route doesn't cover that, since it is based when Liz first joins when she is 18 and Elias is 18.


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