Charms are an entry level form of Curse Magic. For a charm to work it takes an object, an action and a spell to tie them together. Without all three of those elements, it won’t succeed. Charms also don’t give strong results, thus making people believe they don’t do anything at all.[1]

Most charm spells are quite old and have been handed down through generations.


Amore CalceousEdit

Incantation: "Amore Calceous."
Object: A pair of shoes with bright red ribbons attached.
Action: Put the shoes on, recite the incantation, then think about the target of your affection, while tapping the shoes together three times. After saying the incantation wave the wand, a light will appear and the magic will be imbued into the shoes.

Magness AmataEdit

Incantation: "Magness Amata."
Objects: A magnet and some vegetable oil.
Action: Place a drop of oil on the magnet, hold the wand, wave and recite the incantation. The oil begins to glow and spreads across the magnet’s surface, a moment later the light vanishes along with the oil meaning the magnet have absorbed its properties. The magnet then should be kept at all times with the one who cast it.
Description: It makes the person of love interest keeps appearing near the one who cast it. It should be effective for about two hours.


Incantation: "Quinsud."
Object: Tea cup and tea.
Action: Place the tea in the cup then wave the wand and recite the incantation. Tiny particles of light floats from the wand and fills the cup.
Description: This charm is said to make tea taste better and more aromatic[2]

Valshal FulureeEdit

Full Incantation:"Bestow courage and fortune on this soul. Valshal Fuluree."
Description:This charm is said to give good luck[3]


  • Before Season 6 charms were said to be practice or expressions believed to have magic power but not yet/properly proved.


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