Other than the main and romanceable characters, most of them do not have an image of their own.

Presented bellow is a list of all characters mentioned in Wizardess Heart.

Playable/Main characterEdit

Amelia icon
Amelia Nile
(event only)


Augustus icon
Augustus Cole
(events only)
Scarlett icon
Scarlett Quinn
(events only)

Side CharactersEdit

  • Aster
  • Claudia
  • Conrad Schuyler
  • Elaine
  • Hugo (Masked Man)
  • Kate
  • Loran Merkulova
  • Lucious
  • Randolph
  • Saella
  • Tsukasa Kuze
  • Unnamed Students
  • Villagers
  • Walter Goldstein
  • Willem V Rembrandt
  • Albert (Sigurd's friend)
  • Anna (Vincent's friend)
  • Mary Jane (You learn of her in Elias's magic competition, she used to be Amelia's roommate before Liz Hart came to the academy.)
  • Girl Ghost (You hear of her in Klaus's main route and also Elias's magic competition. She's a ghost that only comes out at night time said to be the same age as Liz Hart.)
  • Viggo
  • Zett.- He's Caesar's companion and friend. He's searched for the Ministry due to his many illegal acts and is regarded as highly dangerous. He's eventually captured in Caesar's route and in Dwellers of the Dark spin off, he helps Liz and his companions in their different task that involve to fight or decieve the Hawkeye organization.
  • Drago

Magical Creatures Edit

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