Cerim Leiado Gallery Walkthrough
Cerim Leiado
Chara m 55
From the in-game profile
Likes Quiet place
Dislikes Nosy people
Hobby To search about different kingdoms
Skills Offensive magic
Other information
Gender Male
Occupation Guarding the crystals in a cave
Familiar Ronny (a magical squirrel created by him)
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Cerim Leiado is a student at the Gedolune Royal Magic Academy. He is in the Fortitudo class together with MC.

Background Edit

He is a knight that came to Gedolune Royal Magic Academy to do his duty as a knight and protect the sacred crystal.

Plot Edit


  • He doesn't like to talk about himself
  • He can come off cold

Magical Abilities Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He and the past Leiados have been guarding the crystal for nearly a century.
  • His birthday is June 1st, making him a Gemini like Serge Durandal and is on the same day as Guy's birthday

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