Cerim Leiado Gallery Walkthrough

Cerim Leiado is the first romanceable character from The Princess of Crystal Mystery Series, and is a student at Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy. He is in the Fortitudo class together with Liz Hart.

Background Edit

Cerim came to Gedolune Academy to do his duty as a knight and protect the sacred crystal. He and the past Leiados have been guarding the crystal for nearly a century.

Plot Edit

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Guy's RouteEdit

Despite at first being wary of Guy Brighton, regarding the Crystal Cave, Cerim helps them arrest Aster and save Saella from him.

With the songstress out of her crystal, this ended the the knights duty to protect the Crystal Cave.


Cerim can come off cold and reserved, not liking to talk about himself or matters regarding the Leiado family. As the story progress he opens up showing a more cheerful side of him.

Magical Abilities Edit

Cerim specialty is offensive Magic.

Trivia Edit

  • His birthday is June 1st, the same day as Guy's birthday, making both Geminis like Randy.