Carbuncle is a specie of common magical creature featured in The Tower of Sorrow Mystery Series.


Carbuncles are cheerful creatures said to bring happiness to people.[1]


Carbuncles are oval creatures with puffy ears and long slim tails with fur at the end. Their eyes are Amaranth with one tiny round red gem between them and the forehead. The Carbuncles fur come in two colors: white for the common ones, and pink only seen in familiars.[2]

Magical Abilities

Regular white Carbuncles have the power of the moon while the pink ones have distinguished special power.[1]

On Elias' route, the white Carbuncles have shown ability to multiply themselves and a very fast magic.


  • In the Spin-off "Carbuncle Bungle" Liz Hart is transformed into a Carbuncle.
  • So far only Liz Hart and Randolph had/have a Carbuncle as a familiar.
  • This magical creature resembles the character Mokona from CLAMP series.
  • Despite the East Forest being defined to have mostly dangerous creatures, Carbuncles were shown residing in this forest. This might be because of Randolph magic to protect the forest and his magic empathy with Carbuncles.[3]



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