• Fleur123

    Problem: "same images in multiple pages."

    Change/new standard: Characters galleries won't have CGs any longer.

    Solution: we be removing all CGs from the characters galleries and place them in the memories page.

    Exception: The events page will still contain the CGs. (For now I suppose?).

    This is my first blog about Wizardess Heart Wikia update. (sorry if it looks confusing..)

    We have been facing a common problem from most wikia, that is: "same images in multiple pages."

    To solve this, we had the following solutions:

    Solution Pros Cons
    CGs inside GalleryTemplates
    • more pages would contain the CGs
    • would keep the CGs in the characters galleries
    • would not undo older edits in the characters galleries

    • would need one GalleryTemplate to each character
    • the GalleryT…

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