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Azusa Kuze is the third and last romanceable characters from The Spring of Unicorns. He is a foreign exchange student in Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy from Hinomoto.


Background Edit

Azusa lost his parents at a very early age, leaving him alone to take care of his younger brother, Tsukasa. Azusa found work as an onmyoji, or court wizard, to a noble family, raising Tsukasa simultaneously. Sadly, Tsukasa contracted a deadly disease and later died, leaving Azusa devastated and alone.

At some point after Tsukasa's death, Azusa was approached by a Nue , a magical creature of darkness. The Nue convinced Azusa that it could return Tsukasa back to life. Azusa later met Randy March, who had travelled to Hinomoto and was staying with the same noble family. Randy attempted to befriend Azusa, but it wasn't until Randy told Azusa about unicorns in Gedonelune that Azusa showed any interest. Later, Azusa travelled to Gedonelune with Randy and enrolled at the Academy as an exchange student.


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Azusa Kuze serves as the main antagonist of The Spring of Unicorns Mystery Series. His fate differs depending on the route played.

Personality Edit

When initially introduced, Azusa appears to be quite kind and polite, offering MC Konpeito candy and sharing facts about Hinomoto. Azusa's real personality is quite blunt and rude, but when romanced, he does show genuine care for the MC through his actions.

Magical Abilities Edit


Azusa's magical abilities are derived from Hinomoto magic, which is an entirely different system of magic found in Gedonelune. Azusa casts by tracing Hinomoto characters in the air, and also occasionally utilizes magic circles or ofuda. He is also seen using physical enchantments such as the shikigami, making him well versed in different methods of casting. Unlike wizards in Gedonelune, Azusa does not need a wand to cast, nor does he need to physically speak, giving him an advantage in certain situations, such as underwater.

As Hinomoto's magic system does not include light magic, Azusa is unable to cast this school of magic.

Trivia Edit

  • Azusa Kuze names his son Tsukasa in his Happy Ending