Wh avatar defalt 1

Default - Room

Wh avatar defalt 2 - Garden

Default - Garden

The Avatar system is divided in Room and Garden places.

Each Avatar item comes with a different "Charm Level" that can be used for Extra Curriculum or to pass Checkpoints. Those items can be acquired in: Stores, Make a Date, Missions, Events, Endings Rewards, etc.

At the beginning of the game, players will have only 2 of each of those attire to choose: ribbons, eyes and bags.

For more space player need to use "Dressers" and "Storage" items.

His AvatarEdit

The romaceable character avatar is only available in the garden area. To change his avatar go to 'Decorate Garden' and 'Change'. The choice don't affect any current route progress but players must have read the character route at least once for his avatar to be available.

Trivia Edit

SWD Oz - Avatar

OZ+ Avatar Doll for in-game comparison

  • Some few Avatar attires available in the "Avatar Shop" were never used for any checkpoint.
  • On "Amelia the Roomie" event, players were able to attain Amelia Nile's clothes for their main avatar.
  • The same avatar doll is used in Shaw we Date? Oz+.
    • Some attires are repeated between games as well.