Amelia the Roomie was a Slot Event that happened between Set. 27 and Oct. 12, from 2017. It was the first event based on Amelia Nile.

Event Announcement

Gedonelune Academy’s Journal 464 - Amelia the Roomie Event

[Shall we date?: Wizardess Heart+ #464]

Gedonelune Academy’s Journal �Month: XX Date: XX

–Event Announcement by Sigurd, Klaus, and Randy-

Sigurd: “She is lucky to have met an amazing friend like that.”

Klaus: “Are you referring to Amelia?”

Randy: “I agree! Amelia is a very kind, caring girl!”

Klaus: “Meeting Amelia must have enriched her life at this Academy for sure.”

Sigurd: “Klaus, you’re lucky to have friends like us that equally enrich your school life.”

Klaus: “...”

Randy: “Aww, that makes my heart ache!”[1]

Event Note

  • Costed x1 Gedonelune Medal per play.
  • 26 new avatar items were made for this event.
  • 7 new spin-offs stories were made for this event, one to each character: Elias, Klaus, Randy, Azusa, Cerim Guy and Sigurd.



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