Amelia is MC's cheerful and talkative roommate. She is a member of class Potestas and has knowledge on charms.


Despite having frequently expressed her own desire for a boyfriend, Amelia shows no resentment nor jealousy towards MC, and is a source of emotional support in nearly all the routes. She is also insatiably curious, wanting to know various details about MC's relationship. Despite this, Amelia never divulges the details of these discussions to other students. She is, however, fairly knowledgeable about other students, and shares her initial impressions of each of the love interests with MC.

Amelia is easy-going, willing to cover for MC when she needs to sneak out, and overlooking the occasional visit by MC's male love interest to their shared room. She also shares a love of cute things and sweets, enjoying the treats that MC makes. In Elias and Luca's routes, Amelia gets along well with MC's Carbuncle, frequently feeding it chocolate.


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Trivia Edit

  • Amelia has a big family with many siblings.
  • She is around 18 years old.
  • On "Amelia, the roomie!" event players were able to attain Amelia's clothes for their Avatar.
    • So far this is the only event based on her.