The 3rd Year Anniversary event happened between Dec. 03 and Dec. 26 from 2017.[1]

Event AnnouncementEdit

Wh event - 3dr year anniversary

"[Shall we date?: Wizardess Heart+ #506] Gedonelune Academy’s Journal

-Event Announcement by Luca, Glenn, Guy-

Luca: 'Do you know it’s almost a time for the huge event, the establishment anniversary party for the Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy?'

Glenn: 'Yeah. Dancing, play, and singings... It seems interesting.'

Guy: 'Okay! I’ll have to ask her out ASAP!'

Glenn: '...You have some nerve to say that in front of me?'

Guy: 'Wh-What?! Why are you so mad?'

Luca: 'Guy! I won’t let you have her.'

Guy: 'I should have said nothing in front of these guys...'" [1]


Room/Garden ItemsEdit



Rank-in Prize (Top 50)Edit

Room/Garden ItemsEdit

  • Holiday Tree (Garden) -Charm Level: 50
  • Holiday Party Display (Garden) -Charm Level: 75
  • Holiday Party Suits Set (Garden) -Charm Level: 100
  • Happy Holiday Party Background (Garden) -Charm Level: 100


  • 3rd Year Anniversary (Team C - Vincent, Glenn and Mel, Pt.1)
  • 3rd Year Anniversary (Team C - Vincent, Glenn and Mel, Pt.2)


  • Team C (Vincent, Glenn and Mel) - group CG


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